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The new school mfa creative writing program

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Anne Lamott Essays and Research Papers. cheerful depressed hopeful Question 2.2. Anne describes the annex as a 'little piece of blue heaven' surrounded by what? . (Points : 2) heavy rain clouds the canal a vacuum Question 3.3. Anne has upsetting dreams and visions of a school friend. Which one? (Points : 2) Jopie de Waal Miep de Jong Lies Goosen Question 4.4. What do the dreams and visions remind Anne ? (Points : 2) She is very lucky to be safe as many are. The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! Anne Frank , Edith Frank-Hollander , Fritz Pfeffer 517 Words | 4 Pages. The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank. The Diary of Anne Frank The story Diary of Anne Frank was a very interesting book which showed the ways a group of Jewish . people during the 1940's went about trying to conceal their identity and themselves.

This story was a true story taken from a diary of a young girl during the incident. This was made into a play during 1955. This was praised as Frances Goodrich's and her husband Albert Hackett's most famous work as it was performed. The play was started in November of essays 1945. As Mr. Frank. The New Program! Anne Frank , Fritz Pfeffer , Jan Gies 583 Words | 3 Pages. Essay! ? The Life of Anne Frank Jane Smith Mrs. Joyner Language Arts and Literature May 15, 2010 Outline . THESIS: This research paper will explore the life of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who managed to find hope and goodness in the midst of one of the saddest moments in history. I. Anneís Birth and Childhood A. Information on family B. The New School Mfa Creative Writing Program! Life in Germany C. Life in Amsterdam II. Life During World War II A. Description of the Secret Annex B. Dates that it was.

Adolf Hitler , Anne Frank , Edith Frank-Hollander 750 Words | 3 Pages. Jewish blood splatters from the profilng, knife.íĒ Hitler became chancellor of Germany on January 20, 1933, right then, the Franks knew they had to escape to a . different country. All of the Frankís except Annelies moved to the Netherlands in the fall of í33. The New School! Anne stayed back with her grandmother in Germany until February of the reading makes a complete man essay, next year. She quickly became an outstanding, popular student at Amsterdam's Sixth Montessori School in 1934 when she met up with her family in the Netherlands. She was a happy-go-lucky. Adolf Hitler , Anne Frank , Auschwitz concentration camp 1402 Words | 5 Pages.

I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.Ē[1] Anne Frank was a Jewish child who had . the unfortunate luck of growing up during the holocaust. Even though the world around her was awful, she still remained optimistic. Anne was a bright and the new school writing program intelligent child who only wished for the best in life. Her life was, no doubt, ended to resume soon. Anne Frank was born as Annelies Marie Frank on school, June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany (, to Otto and. Anne Frank , Bep Voskuijl , Judaism 1631 Words | 4 Pages. Ib Psychology Paper! Anne Hutchinson: An Early Feminist In 1637, women were considered servants of their husbands, and child bearing creatures of many. . There were set rules ďenforced by the PuritansĒ which stated women should only bear as many children as possible, raise them, take care of their husbands, and school mfa creative writing program then remain quiet. They were seen as ďmorally feeble creaturesĒ, who could do no more than ďlead men to damnation if [men were to allow them] to form an opinion or express a [belief].Ē [1] Anne Hutchinson.

Anne Hutchinson , Antinomianism , Freedom of essay religion 2514 Words | 7 Pages. girl was born in Frankfurt, Germany. No one realized that this infant, who was Jewish, was destined to become one of the world's most famous victims of World . War II. Her name was Anne Frank, and her parents were Edith Frank Hollandar and Otto Frank. She had one sister, Margot, who was three years older than she was. Anne led a happy and normal childhood, and on her 13th birthday she received a diary from her parents. It became special to her as years went by. It is through this diary that much about.

Adolf Hitler , Anne Frank , Auschwitz concentration camp 1323 Words | 4 Pages. the most identifiable examples are Sylvia Plath and school Anne Sexton. Both Plath and Sexton were troubled individuals who suffered from manic . depression and bipolar disorder, and both ultimately gave in to their suicidal tendencies and makes a complete took their own lives. The eerie similarities between the lives of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath continued into their written works, producing two sets of confessional literature with common themes. Both Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton shared the common themes of death, mental. Anne Sexton , Bipolar disorder , Death 1647 Words | 5 Pages.

Early Life Holocaust victim; famous diarist. Anne Frank was born Annelies Marie Frank on the new school mfa creative writing program, June 12, 1929, in a complete man essay Frankfurt, Germany. Her mother was . Edith Frank, and her father,Otto Frank, was a lieutenant in the German Army during World War I who later became a businessman in Germany and the new school writing the Netherlands. Frank also had a sister named Margot, three years her senior. The Franks were a typical upper middle-class German-Jewish family living in a quiet, religiously diverse neighborhood near the outskirts of. Adolf Hitler , Anne Frank , Margot Frank 1545 Words | 4 Pages. In this autobiography of Anne Moody a.k.a. Resume! Essie Mae as she is often called in the book, is the struggles for the new school mfa creative program rights that poor black Americans . had in Mississippi. Tutankhamun Essay! Things in the new school writing program her life lead her to be such an activist in and mathematics research the fight for black equality during this time. She had to go through a lot of adversity growing up like being beat, house being burned down, moving to different school, and being abuse by her mom's boyfriend.

One incident that would make Anne Moody curious about racism in the south. African American , Anne Moody , Black people 1820 Words | 4 Pages. An Evaluation of the Trial of Anne Hutchinson. especially when the topic was religion. Religion was not something anyone could talk about the new freely. Profilng! It is not to be questioned at all. A victim of this absurd . century was Anne Hutchinson. She expressed her opinions about her religious beliefs without reservations and unfortunately, faced a regrettable punishment in the end. Anne Hutchinson overtly portrayed nonconformity in the society she was part of in terms of her religious beliefs, practices and most importantly, gender, which eventually led to. Anne Hutchinson , Freedom of speech , Gender 1076 Words | 3 Pages.

September 2013 Anne Hutchinson The Rebel In many peopleís eyes when you think of Anne Hutchinson you automatically would think . rebel, almost kind of like that kid in the new class who always talks back to research paper the teacher always thinking there right even though they may not be, thatís Anne Hutchinson the first advocate of womenís rights. Anne was a woman whom even when criticized, shut down, persecuted, and rejected stayed with her ideals and school mfa creative writing program did, and said what she thought was right. Anne started the centuries. Anne Hutchinson , Henry Vane the reading makes a complete man essay, Younger , Massachusetts 1011 Words | 3 Pages. The Threat of Anne Hutchinson In Puritan led Massachusetts Bay Colony during the days of school mfa creative writing program Anne Hutchinson was an intriguing . place to roland have lived. It was designed ideally as a holy mission in the New World called the city upon a hill, a mission to provide a prime example of how protestant lives should have subsisted of.

A key ingredient to the success of the Puritan community was the cohesion of the community as a whole, which was created by a high level of conformity in the new school mfa creative writing the colony. Puritan. Tutankhamun! Anne Hutchinson , Antinomianism , Boston 918 Words | 3 Pages. When Anne Frank is given a diary for her thirteenth birthday, she immediately fills it with the program, details of her life: descriptions of her . friends, boys who like her, and her classes at school. Anne finds comfort writing in her diary because she feels she has difficulty opening up to her friends and therefore has no true confidants. Anne also records her perceptions of resume in naukari herself. She does not think she is pretty, but she is confident that her personality and other good traits make up for it. The New Writing Program! Through. Anne Frank , Auschwitz concentration camp , Diary 998 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Frank: Diary of a young Girl ďThe Diary of a young girlĒ is an autobiographical novel written Anne Frank which details . her experiences during the makes, time of Nazi revolution. The book was conceived right after Anne received a diary as a birthday gift from her father, Otto Frank.

Being the main character, Anne displays a spirit of endurance which is exemplified throughout the mfa creative writing program, text. Profilng Essays! In deed endurance serves as a unique human spirit as characterized by Anne Frank, whereby she is able to endure. Adolf Hitler , Anne Frank , Franks 944 Words | 3 Pages. ? No Matter What It was little more than seventy years ago, when Anne Frank began her diary as an instrument to the new mfa creative help her through one of the . Research Paper! darkest times in recent history. This assortment of entries from an unknown teenager put a name and the new school program a face to the otherwise faceless victims of the attempted genocide that occurred during World War II. Reading! The holocaust was an the new mfa creative, attack against the Jews in Europe, and because of one manís unrealistic ideas to and mathematics rid his world of things he didnít like; mainly Jews and. Anne Frank , Anne Frank House , Margot Frank 1523 Words | 4 Pages. The New School! beginning of his writing career, Nathaniel Hawthorne has made several references to Anne Hutchinson. In fact, he even wrote a sketch called . Music Paper! #8220;Mrs. Hutchinson#8221;.

Because of Hawthorne#8217;s apparent interest in Mrs. Hutchinson, it is the new mfa creative program entirely possible that he would use her as a template for makes one of the school mfa creative program, characters in his many books. Hawthorne#8217;s character, Hester Prynne, is similar in many ways to ib psychology paper Anne Hutchinson. One likeness between the two women is writing program they were both respected members. Anne Hutchinson , Faith , Hester Prynne 1075 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Bradstreet: American Poet Anne Bradstreet is seen as a true poetic writer for the seventeenth century.

She exhibits a . strong Puritan voice and is one of the first notable poets to write English verse in ib psychology the American colonies. Bradstreet's work symbolizes both her Puritan and feminine ideals and the new school program appeals to a wide audience of readers. American Puritan culture was basically unstable, with various inchoate formations of social, political, and essay religious powers competing publicly. Her thoughts. Anne Bradstreet , DudleyĖWinthrop family , Massachusetts Bay Colony 790 Words | 3 Pages. The New School Mfa Creative Writing Program! Anne Sexton: Confessional Poet The Pulitzer-Prize winning Anne Sexton is one of the best known confessional poets. A . confession is defined by paper the ritual discourse in which the speaking subject is also the subject of the statement. Anne Sextonís autobiographical work framed her personal experiences growing up in the new school writing program mid century America. Writing very openly regarding subjects ranging from in naukari her mental breakdowns to erotic fantasies, the poet struggled as a New England housewife, who had never been. Anne Sexton , Bipolar disorder , Confessional poetry 856 Words | 3 Pages. The New School Mfa Creative Writing Program! as an reading makes a complete, account of oneís personal experience.

It is what the the new, author has encountered throughout his or her life, and music paper is based on school mfa creative, memory. Wller Dissertation! They are real life . events, and sometimes they do not have a happy ending. Despite the fact that The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank, does not have a happy ending, this memoir is astonishing. I usually enjoy happy endings, but this diary touched me more than any other story I have read. This memoir is truly one of the best novels by the new school writing program far. Racial Essays! Firstly, I can make an effortless. The New School Program! Anne Frank , Debut albums , Diary 1555 Words | 4 Pages.

Analysis of the Diary of Anne Frank. Film Analysis of The Diary of Anne Frank The Diary of Anne Frank is a powerful non-fiction film based on the diary of roland wller a young . Jewish girl who went into hiding with her family in 1942 to escape the Nazi persecution. Filmed in 1959, George Stevens brilliant usage of mise-en-scene successfully made this movie thought provoking and the new mfa creative program emotional. Mise-en-scene is one of the four film components that allow motion pictures to serve as a medium of communication. Films use this component to incorporate. Roland Dissertation! Anne Frank , Emotion , Fritz Pfeffer 1892 Words | 5 Pages.

An Analysis of Anne Bradstreet's The Prologue Anne Bradstreet's poem, The Prologue, portrays the the new mfa creative writing, struggles of being a woman in a Puritan society. She realized that in a Puritan society, . Essay! women were not meant to speak their mind and have strong opinions. With this poem she acknowledges her role as a woman in society even if she doesn't agree with it. Anne Bradstreet shows her recognition of men's supposed superiority in that time period with this line: Men can do best, and women know it well (40). Regardless of her acknowledgment of her. 2008 , Anne Bradstreet , Poetry 1705 Words | 5 Pages. The New Mfa Creative Program! In the three poems Anne Bradstreet writes in memory of her grandchildren?Elizabeth, Anne , and dissertation Simon?she expresses grief and . sorrow and doubts the intention of Godís will. Her emotion evolves in each poem from writing program quiet acceptance to thinly veiled sarcasm. This progression represents Bradstreetís ongoing struggle to embrace the traditional Puritanical view of accepting Godís will as final explanation of all things. Music And Mathematics! Throughout her life, Bradstreet suffers her share of program personal tragedy, and in the.

Anne Bradstreet , Family , God 2056 Words | 6 Pages. COM 181 OUTLINE FORM: SPEECH Topic: Anne Frank General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To introduce Anne Frank and . Roland Wller Dissertation! talk about her life. Introduction: Opening: How many of you heard or read about Anne Frank? Thesis: Today I will discuss the the new school mfa creative, young and short life of one of the ib psychology, most well known Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The New School Writing! Anne Frank was acknowledged for her quality of writing. Her diary is one of the worldís most widely read books and paper there has been many plays and films. Anne Frank , Auschwitz concentration camp , Edith Frank-Hollander 1331 Words | 5 Pages. the Free Dictionary by Farlex, to be misunderstood is to ďnot be appreciated or given sympathetic understanding.Ē Oftentimes teenagers find themselves being . really misunderstood, as if it is them against the world. School Program! In the ďDiary of a Young GirlĒ by Anne Frank, this is only maximized by her ever changing body and emotions brought along by puberty, a family she feels left out ib psychology of, and the need for a real friend. In a time in mfa creative her life when all she needs is an research, outlet and someone to turn to, Frank is met.

Anne Frank , Causality , Diary 1924 Words | 5 Pages. ? Overview: American director Anne Bogart, born 1951, was influenced at an early age (early teens) by the power of theatre, which inevitably . Mfa Creative Writing! shaped her eventual convictions in the craft and led to her successes as a director and theatre-maker. Resume! Throughout her career, Bogart staged an program, eclectic mixture of theatre, including yet not limited to contemporary and modern plays, musicals, opera, as well as dance-theatre pieces and many forms of experimental/avant-garde theatre. Bogart was passionate about. Makes A Complete Man Essay! Actor , Anne Bogart , Outline of theatre 1474 Words | 5 Pages. ?Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin and Child with St. Anne , 1510, oil on panel This piece, painted in about 1510, was rumoured to have been . commissioned by Louis XII to celebrate his daughterís birth in 1499 but by the time da Vinci had finished the piece and was satisfied with it, it was too late.

Two women and a small infant child dominate the the new school mfa creative, frame and are all seated in a very idealistic outdoor, natural setting. St Anne is seated centrally, her body covered by the Virgin Mary who sits on her. Essay! Blessed Virgin Mary , Christianity , Immaculate Conception 864 Words | 3 Pages. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. hierarchismĒ (, 3). Roger Williams and school mfa creative program Anne Hutchinson believed and tutankhamun essay preached . ďIndividualismeĒ Puritan ideas further than they were meant to go in the context of the colonyís hierarchal society (, 5).

In consequence, the religious leaders of the community decided to banish them. Anne Hutchinson had many religious beliefs that where in conflict with the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The New School Mfa Creative Program! Anne Hutchinson , Christianity , Massachusetts 929 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Frank I. Introduction A. Imagine being in and mathematics hiding for the new writing 2 years and then being caught and taking to a camp and forced to roland wller dissertation work all . because of school program where you are from. Racial! B. Have you ever been judged or looked at different because of the way you do things. C. The main purpose of the new writing my speech is to inform you about the life of Anne Frank and how her life became a legacy.

D. I will begin with some history of the early life of Anne Frank. E. The life before and during her hiding F. Anne Frank , Edith Frank-Hollander , Fritz Pfeffer 1034 Words | 3 Pages. The Diary of Anne Frank This journey that Anne Frank encounters was although a short journey had a big affect on her life. A . few steps down the racial essays, road from where she lived had changed her life forever, more than she couldíve imagined. Anne Frank was forced to leave her life behind, in a time of WW2. The New School Writing! The diary of Anne Frank represents an individual strengthened by going on a complete, a forced, reluctant journey. School Writing! Sheís forced into hiding after living a ďspoiled lifeĒ with boys from reading a complete school ďadmiring herĒ. Anne Frank , Nazi Germany , The Pianist 1641 Words | 4 Pages. Anne Bradstreet was the only real American poet of her time, and a talented writer. As such, her works are historically significant.

She was . School Mfa Creative Program! born in roland wller dissertation England, but traveled at the age of 16 to the Puritan settlements in the Massachusetts Bay colonies, in British America (Hart 94). The New School Mfa Creative! This is where she developed her unique writing talent; she was isolated from ib psychology paper England, where traditional forms of poetry were flourishing (Magill 393). Writing Program! Her family, religion, and several other poets contributed significantly. Anne Bradstreet , DudleyĖWinthrop family , Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 1568 Words | 5 Pages. To My Dear and Loving Husband Anne Bradstreet Anne Bradstreet was the first poet and profilng essays the first female writer in the British . North American colonies to the new mfa creative writing be published.

Her first volume of poetry was The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in essay America, published in 1650. She was born March 20, 1612 in Northampton, Massachusetts and died September 16, 1672 in Andover. She was married to Simon Bradstreet. Writing Program! When they married, she was 16 and he was 25. Mrs. Bradstreetís works are also considered to tutankhamun represent the. Anne Bradstreet , Benjamin Franklin , Deism 1775 Words | 6 Pages.

Anne Frank Remembered: Review Anne Frank Remembered is the autobiography of school Miep Gies, the woman who helped the Frank family . survive during their two years in hiding. Her book is a primary source or first hand account of the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Holland during the second world war. It is also the first hand account of the hiding of Jews such as the Frank family, the and mathematics, Van Daan family, and Dr. Albert Dussel during this time. In regard to the book's autobiographical format. Anne Frank , Fritz Pfeffer , Jews 1130 Words | 3 Pages. ? Anne Of Green Gables - Essay Anne Of Green Gables is a work of childrenís literature written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and mfa creative was . Roland Wller! first published in the new school mfa creative writing program 1908. The social and cultural understanding of children depicted during the period in dissertation which this novel is set differs greatly from the understandings and expectations of children in todayís society. In the novel Anne Of Green Gables, children are depicted as more of the new mfa creative program a possession to be moulded by essay their families, children were expected to act Ďrespectablyí. Anne of Avonlea , Anne of Green Gables , Anne Shirley 1795 Words | 5 Pages. Personal Reflection of Anne Frank's House. Personal Reflection on Anne Frankís House I chose to the new mfa creative write a personal reflection on the Anne Frankís House tourist attraction in resume in naukari . Amsterdam because I have two daughters.

As a parent, I want the best for them and most importantly, their safety. I would do the exact thing what Anneís father had done for them. Otto Frank had to move to school mfa creative writing program the Netherlands when the paper, anti-semitism in Germany was growing. Though it took seven years for the new their family to be reunited in the Netherlands, he successfully got them. Anne Frank , Diary , Nazi Germany 879 Words | 3 Pages. The Clever and Well Hidden Mind of Anne Bradstreet During the early 1600's Puritanism ran strong throughout early North America. . Anne Bradstreet, the reading makes, educated and well-to-do daughter of Thomas Dudley, arrived in America during the 1630's. Anne Bradstreet being a firm Puritan believer, abided by the ideas that women were man's subordinate, their help-mates, thus leaving women to be submissive. This led women's ambitions and writing program want for self-fulfillment to be negated by religion. Bradstreet reflected. Anne Bradstreet , Muse , Muses 1389 Words | 4 Pages. History of Henry Viii and ib psychology Anne Boleyn. healthy son-Henry Fitzroy.

He was also the only illegitimate child of Henry VIII who has been recognized as his child. In 1526, Henry VIII became interested . in the very young Anne Boleyn2 - a lady-in-waiting of the Queen. Interestingly, Mary Boleyn3, Anne's older sister, was King's mistress, and probably, the King expected that Anne would act as her sister did. School Mfa Creative Program! However, smart and clever younger Boleyn knew that the King wanted to have her as his mistress only, and therefore she didn't indulge herself. Anne Boleyn , Arthur, Prince of Wales , Catherine of dissertation Aragon 2047 Words | 5 Pages. The Life of Anne Frank On the school mfa creative writing, Deportations Our many Jewish friends and acquaintances are being taken away in droves. In Naukari! The Gestapo is . treatiang them very roughly and writing program transporting them in cattle cars to racial profilng Westerbork, the school program, big camp in Drenthe to which they're sending all the Jews. If it's that bad in Holland, what must it be like in those faraway and uncivilized places where the ib psychology, Germans are sending them? We assume that most of them are being murdered. The English radio says they're being gassed.

Anne Frank , Anne Frank House , Bep Voskuijl 671 Words | 3 Pages. Dialectical Notes The Diary of the new school Anne Frank Quote Analysis *The first table (blue) represents the five dialectical notes under the Inward . versus the Outward Self Theme, while the second (turquoise) represents the resume in naukari, dialectical notes under the Generosity and Greed in Wartime theme. Quote | Response | ďYes, Mr. Dussel! According to him, nothing, I repeatÖ nothing, is mfa creative right about meÖ my appearance, my character, my manners. While he was going on tutankhamun essay, at me, I thoughtÖ sometime Iíll give you such a. The New Mfa Creative Writing! Anne Frank , Change , Fritz Pfeffer 1250 Words | 3 Pages.

Analysis of Anne Bradstreetís Poems. ENGL2010 February 10, 2013 Analysis of Anne Bradstreetís Poems Anne Bradstreetís poem In Reference to wller Her Children, 23 June . 1659 is a poem telling of her love, care, and worries for her children. The New! In Reference to her ChildrenĒ is both metaphorical and symbolic, expressing everything from pathos to love and resume a hope for the new school program her eternal reward. ( The poem is wller dissertation structured with a single stanza with every other line rhyming. School! The speaker seems to be speaking to a semi- private audience given. Accept , American women writers , Anne Bradstreet 1169 Words | 3 Pages. Kim Addonizio and Anne Bradstreet. in reading makes a complete man essay a similar manner. Anna Bradstreetís ďTo My Dear and the new school mfa creative Loving HusbandĒ and reading a complete man essay Kim Addonizioís ďFirst Poem for YouĒ share the theme of romantic love, and the . authors go about mfa creative program elucidating the theme in music and mathematics paper similar ways, regardless of their opposing views. Anne Bradstreetís poem, ďTo My Dear and Loving Husband,Ē contains imagery and paradoxes to develop her theme, as well as a consistent rhyme scheme and amount of syllables in school each line. The purpose of her poem is to describe how much she loves and reading makes man essay adores. Anne Bradstreet , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1754 Words | 5 Pages.

7. The ď Anne Ē Effect Course: ENGL. The New School Mfa Creative Program! 2801 Date: 11/30/10 In Prince Edward Island it is almost impossible to avoid an encounter . with the freckled faced, red-headed heroine from Lucy Maud Montgomeryís novel, Anne of Green Gables. Anne is essay everywhere; her unique image can be found on everything from dolls to preserves. The Anne phenomenon is known worldwide and has been an integral part of the Islandís tourist industry since the early twentieth century. Lucy Maud Montgomery, one of Canadaís. Anne of school writing Green Gables , Canada , Charlottetown 1625 Words | 5 Pages. ? Montgomeryís Anne of Green Gables is essay a novel chronicling Anneís new life in Avonlea into her new home by the Cuthberts. This story gives . the reader a look at how Anne grows up from a clumsy and at the new mfa creative writing times awkward girl into a lovely mature and ib psychology well-mannered lady. This however did not happen overnight.

Many incidents occurred throughout the novel to show all the mishaps that Anne went through in her young adolescent life. Although food may seem like an insignificant symbol to the new writing program discuss, it did carry. Anne of Green Gables , Anne Shirley , Boy 2130 Words | 6 Pages. ?I. Title: Anne of Green Gables II. Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery III. Characters: A. Anne Shirley- She is an imaginative, . talkative, red-headed orphan who comes to live with siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. B. Marilla Cuthbert- She is Matthew's sister, she is an austere woman who tries to paper subdue Anne's imaginative, unusual ways. The New Mfa Creative Program! Though she is conservative in her rules, she does love Anne and she has the glimmerings of a sense of humor and a hidden soft side. Racial Profilng Essays! C. Matthew Cuthbert- He is Marilla's.

Anne of Green Gables , Anne of the Island , Anne of Windy Poplars 1417 Words | 4 Pages. bloodcurdling insights and details. Her name was Anne Frank. Annelise Marie Frank was a Jew born in Frankfurt, Germany on the 12th of school mfa creative writing program June . 1929. She lived at a time when Jews and other Ďnon perfectí races were slowly losing their rights and they were being treated more and more like animals. She was born to her mother Edith Frank and in naukari her father Otto Heinrich Frank. She had one eldest sister Margot whom she was very close to. Margot was 3 years elder than Anne . She had a very happy childhood playing with. Anne Frank , Anne Frank House , Johannes Kleiman 1274 Words | 3 Pages. Mamma, thanks Papa.

Itís lovely, I wanted a dairyĒ, exclaimed Anne . It was Anne Frankís thirteenth birthday and mfa creative her parents had . gifted her a diary. ďFinally I have something in which I can confide all my secret thoughtsĒ, thought Anne . ďEveryone misunderstands me, even my own family. Now, I can write everything in a complete man essay this diary, daily events, my thoughts, school grades and oh, of course BOYSíí, Anne considering. Next morning, when Anne woke she had a wonderful thought and ran downstairs to school mfa creative writing ask her. Anne Frank , Franks , Margot Frank 1199 Words | 4 Pages. Wller! The Diary of a Young Girl: The Life of Anne Frank. ? Anne Frank Anne Frank pictured in school May 1942 Born Annelies[1] or Anneliese[2] Marie Frank 12 June 1929 Frankfurt, Weimar . Ib Psychology Paper! Germany Died Early March 1945 (aged 15) Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Lower Saxony, Nazi Germany Nationality German until 1941 Stateless from the new school mfa creative writing 1941 Notable works The Diary of a Young Girl (1947) Signature Early life Frank was born Annelies[1] or Anneliese[2] Marie Frank on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany, to Otto Frank (1889Ė1980) and Edith Frank-Hollander (1900Ė45). Anne Frank , Edith Frank-Hollander , Fritz Pfeffer 1960 Words | 5 Pages. Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl Response. Resume In Naukari! Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Response The Diary of a Young Girl written by mfa creative program Anne Frank is an inspirational coming of . age diary written to ib psychology paper teach the reader that difficult situations lead to maturity. Anneís diary shows the evolution and maturity of Anneís character over the new school mfa creative writing program a few years.

Anne had to face many challenges in her difficult situation. She was hiding in a confined Annexe because she was a targeted victim of genocide during the Holocaust. These situations led her to an entire new level. Anne Frank , The Diary of a Young Girl 1886 Words | 5 Pages. Anne Rice - Evil Is Always Possible.

Goodness Is Difficulty. Anne Rice ďEvil is resume in naukari always possible. Goodness is difficultyĒ (ď Anne Rice QuotesĒ). Being one of the the new school mfa creative, most cryptic and . fascinating authors of gothic novels, Anne Rice was christened ďQueen of the OccultĒ without objection. Tutankhamun! From the day she was born, Rice had always been a unique individual. Being given the program, name Howard Allen OíBrien, itís obvious she wasnít destined to fall in paper with the norm. Her extensive list of novels display the sheer one of a kind flair that only school mfa creative writing program Anne can capture. Born in. Anne Rice , Blood Canticle , Interview with the Vampire 989 Words | 3 Pages.

Analyzing Anne Frank Choose a character and roland analyze what influences his/her situation, growth, and motivations Analyzing . Anne Frank Times during World War II were very challenging for many people. It is very difficult to school mfa creative program imagine how hard lives were for Jewish teenagers, adults, and people off all ages during the war. Many teenagers and adults today who were not born in the early 1900s find it hard to relate to reading a complete man essay all the events, emotions, pain, suffering, and hardships people. Anne Frank , Hanukkah , People associated with Anne Frank 1673 Words | 4 Pages. Mary Rowlandson vs Anne Bradstreet. Mary Rowlandson and Anne Bradstreet are two women with different stories and one similar faith. Their similar faith in mfa creative writing God and passion for . writing allowed the two women to survive the contrast of hardships each woman had to ib psychology endure. Furthermore, in this essay, I will compare and contrast the lives and the new mfa creative writing program faith of Rowlandson and Bradstreet. In the story ďNarrative of the Captivity and racial profilng Restoration of Mrs. Mary RowlandsonĒ written by Mary Rowlandson herself, we read that she is taken captive by school writing a group.

Anne Bradstreet , Captivity , Captivity narrative 1010 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Sexton and profilng essays Sylvia Plath: Minds of Distortion and mfa creative writing program Darkness. Ib Psychology Paper! Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath were both great minds, creative individuals, and some of the greatest poetic individuals of the twentieth century. . Though Anne Sexton and school mfa creative Sylvia Plath were great poets, they were also obsessed with death, darkness, and plagued with manic depression. They yearned for death, and music and mathematics research both were able to the new achieve their life goal of dying. They're poetry is a direct result of their morbid minds and the strange obsessions they shared during they're several years of friendship. Sylvia.

Anne Sexton , Confessional poetry , Death 1563 Words | 4 Pages. Kitty, Anne ?s diary, came to help to deal in the time of transition. Young children often have imaginary friends. Anne Frank, . after she followed her family into hiding, never enjoyed this luxury. Her diary became Anne ?s friend, her retreat from a microcosm imposed upon her and tutankhamun essay the seven other Jews imprisoned in the loft because of Hitlerís master plan of genocide against Jews and other groups. Even before the Franks entered the loft, Anne had named her diary ďKitty.Ē (Shuman). The New! Kitty helps Anne deal. Amsterdam , Anne Frank , Anne Frank House 2375 Words | 7 Pages. Paper! Anne Frank Biography and the Short Story Line. The New Mfa Creative Program! Annelies Marie Frank (the full name of Anne Frank) was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith . Frank.

Anne was the second daughter; her sister Margot was three years older. Anneís father worked at research his familyís bank. The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! Her mother's job was to take care of everything at home. Ib Psychology! Margot and school mfa creative program Anne were carefree girls and they had many friends in their neighborhood. However, their parents were worried.

Adolf Hitler and his party had made the Jews the scapegoat. Adolf Hitler , Anne Frank , Fritz Pfeffer 838 Words | 3 Pages. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper. ? Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Philosophy of Man Charina D. Vargas Everyone of us has its character that either . being suppressed or kept in the deepest muddle of ourselves. For a young girl like Anne Frank, writing and sharing the ib psychology paper, highlighted events in her life during their refuge in school writing program the ďSecret AnnexĒ located behind a shelf of books in Mr. Otto Frankís office, Anneís father, has evidently showcased the in naukari, distress, longing, hunger, agony, merriment, love, melancholy and.

Anne Frank , Fritz Pfeffer , Love 2067 Words | 5 Pages. Anne Hutchinson: A Pioneer Of Feminism And Religious Freedom. Anne Hutchinson: A Pioneer of Feminism and Religious Freedom I walked into the schoolroom, and I could see my children sitting in rows based . on their grade. I had been asked by the teacher, Miss Ashbury, to come and talk about the the new program, remarkable journey that led me to the Narragansett, an paper, Indian territory in the liberating colony of Rhode Island. I sat down in the creaky wooden rocking chair and began my tale: ďHello, children! I will be telling you the story of mfa creative how I ended up in and mathematics Rhode Island, where. Anne Hutchinson , Henry Vane the Younger , Massachusetts 1633 Words | 4 Pages. Anne Boleyn was the most important factor in the kings divorce, ? Anne Boleyn was the most important person in bringing about the kings divorce in the years 1529 Ė 1533.í (24 marks) Many people believe . Anne Boleyn was the the new school writing, most important person in bringing about the kings divorce. She was an essential individual in the decision and need for the divorce and she was a catalyst which helped to speed it up. There are 4 main reasons she was important in this process and racial profilng essays they are, Anne Boleyn introduced Henry to mfa creative writing program some religious texts that undermined the power of. Tutankhamun Essay! Anne Boleyn , Catherine of Aragon , Church of the new mfa creative England 986 Words | 3 Pages.

Study of 'Anne Hathaway' from Carol Ann Duffy's 'The Worlds Wife' and concerns is paper Ď Anne Hathawayí of the collection? Carol Ann Duffy presents Anne Hathaway as a character who is deeply in love . The New Mfa Creative! with her partner whom she is writing a poem for. Essay! This poem shows that the collection is not an act of revenge, as it shows how much she loves Shakespeare. It also gives the school writing, idea that the collection is not completely anti-men as it shows how great Anne thinks her partner is. Using many different poetic terms and presenting them within a sonnet, which Anne Hathaway has supposedly.

Anne Hathaway , Hamnet Shakespeare , Judith Quiney 1393 Words | 4 Pages. How the Rule of Henry Viii and His Pursuit of Anne Boleyn Changed England. and Catherine not producing a son, Henry gets himself several mistresses and music research begins overeating. Henry also meets a woman by the name of Anne . Boleyn, a very flirtatious young lady who quickly finds favor with him. Soon afterward, Henry begins to desire Anne as his wife. Anne convinces Henry that he could make her queen after his annulment. Henryís pursuit of Anne is the catalyst that would lead to a series of events that would forever change England . Henry sends William Knight, his private secretary. Anne Boleyn , Catherine of Aragon , Elizabeth I of England 977 Words | 3 Pages. Evolution of Queen Anne Architecture.

Evolution of Queen Anne Architecture In America Queen Anne architecture can not be defined easily. It's architectural style . has many different characteristics. In this paper, I will show how the Queen Anne style evolved from the the new school mfa creative program, architecture that was common during the reign of Queen Anne herself and racial profilng also show how it evolved in America in the late 1800's during the Industrial Revolution. I will then show how the Queen Anne style is incorporated into today's architectural design. First, a little.

Anne of the new school writing program Great Britain , Architectural design , Architectural style 976 Words | 3 Pages.

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Missing September? What's next for the new school, your club. Staff writers September 3, 2017 11:58 PM. Nathan Buckley gets another shot at a Collingwood off-season over coming months. Delistings: The club is still involved in the NEAFL competition, with preliminary finals on September 2 and racial profilng essays, Grand Final the following weekend. The New Writing. The Lions will begin delistings once the NEAFL team has been eliminated. Retirees: None have and none will. Medical room: Captain Dayne Beams has already gone in for shoulder surgery, while vice-captain Tom Rockliff will follow suit after the birth of his first child. Both will start pre-season.

Allen Christensen (shoulder) is already training again, while Mitch Robinson (foot) and reading, Tom Bell (ankle) are also expected back for November's pre-season. Free agents unsigned: Ryan Harwood, Claye Beams. Best and school mfa creative program, fairest: Announced on reading makes man essay September 1. The coach: Chris Fagan had an excellent first year in charge. The Lions won just five games, but improved offensively, defensively, retained young players and saw a number of the new school players flourish under his guidance. Still two years to run on his contract and resume, while more wins will be expected next year, he is under little to the new school program no pressure. Footy staff: Fairly settled backroom team at the Lions. All eyes will be on music research paper list manager Dom Ambrogio who attacks his first off-season in charge after taking the reins in February. Off-field health: The Lions dropped another 10% on membership numbers to just under 21,000, but crowd figures picked up late in the season with their improved play. They also signed on more long-term sponsors and expect to school stabilise financially.

Premiership window: Closed. A while off, but the pieces are slowly coming together. Need: The Lions need more midfield depth. They loaded up at last year's draft and will look to music do the same this time. Also desperately need a quick, pressuring small forward.

Pre-season starts: November 8 - Michael Whiting. Tom Rockliff, Hugh McCluggage and Claye Beams celebrate a goal for the LIons. Picture: AFL Photos. Delistings: Andrew Gallucci (rookie), Kristian Jaksch, Liam Sumner. Retirees: Dennis Armfield, Daniel Gorringe, Matt Korcheck (Category B international rookie). The New Mfa Creative Writing. Veterans Kade Simpson and Dale Thomas want to play another season and are set to be given new deals. Medical room: The Blues missed Patrick Cripps and Ed Curnow when they suffered season-ending injuries in makes a complete man essay the second half of the season. Program. The two major long-term injury concerns are defender Sam Rowe (torn ACL) and ruckman Andrew Phillips, who was restricted to only one game this season with a recurring foot problem . Free agents unsigned: Kade Simpson, Simon White. Best and fairest: Friday, September 22 from 7pm at Crown Palladium. Go to for racial essays, more information.

The coach: Brendon Bolton has succeeded in bringing a defensive mindset in his two seasons but the Blues need to score more. Won one fewer game than in 2016 and should have a benchmark of the new school mfa creative program 10 victories in 2018, so there will be more pressure on the coach. Bolton is on staff under his agreement with Carlton and not subject to a time-sensitive contract. Footy staff: Director of music and mathematics coaching Neil Craig has departed and there is writing speculation about the future of racial profilng long-term assistant John Barker, who is in contention for the senior job at Gold Coast. The New School Writing Program. In a major coup Bolton has wooed former Hawthorn assistant Cameron Bruce next season.

Off-field health: With the on-field stocks rising with exciting youngsters, sponsors including Virgin Australia, Hyundai, CUB and Uber Australia have been happy to come on resume in naukari board this year and membership has increased marginally. Premiership window: Just ajar. Need: The Blues’ lack of depth in the midfield proved costly in several games this season and the new mfa creative writing, they will be looking for a couple of bigger bodies to support Cripps and Ed Curnow. Pre-season starts: November 13 - Howard Kotton. Delistings: None have been announced just yet but there would be some nervous Pies, perhaps including premiership player Jarryd Blair and Chris Mayne (despite having three years left on his contract), Retirees : Jesse White has hung up the essay, boots, while key defender Lynden Dunn is set to play on after exceeding all expectations when he was originally picked up as a back-up option. Medical room: Despite finishing the season with a long casualty list, the Pies should have a good bill of school writing program health for the start of their pre-season campaign, with the likes of racial profilng skipper Scott Pendlebury (finger), Jordan De Goey (hip), Travis Varcoe (elbow), Daniel Wells (quad) and program, Alex Fasolo (shoulder) expected to be raring to go. Free agents unsigned: Tyson Goldsack (unrestricted), Lachlan Keeffe (unrestricted), Ben Sinclair (unrestricted), Josh Thomas (unrestricted) Best and fairest: Friday October 6 at Crown Palladium (tickets here) The coach : The consensus is that Buckley was lucky to receive a new two-year deal after four successive seasons without finals, but there's no doubting the class he displayed publicly while under siege.

With a revamped coaching panel, it will be interesting to see what modifications Buckley makes to the Pies' much-criticised ball movement with what is generally regarded as a below-par kicking team. Footy staff : The Pies have made no secret of their plans to make changes, and wller dissertation, the search is still on for an experienced person to support Buckley, but there has already been some movement. The New School Mfa Creative Writing Program. Respected assistant Scott Burns has joined Hawthorn, while development coach Anthony Rocca and reading makes a complete, fitness chief Bill Davoren were not offered new contracts. Robert Harvey has been retained, and fellow assistant Brenton Sanderson and academy coach Brad Gotch still have another year to run on their contracts. Off-field health: The strength of the Collingwood brand is such that it can absorb an on-field decline, reclaim its perch atop of the AFL membership ladder and the new mfa creative writing, remain one of the financially strongest clubs in the competition.

The resignation of long-term CEO Gary Pert will provide a fresh outlook, as will the resume, findings of the new mfa creative interim CEO Peter Murphy's review into the club's off-field operations. Premiership window : Closed, but could be prised open if everything clicks. Need: A quality key defender such as uncontracted Crow Jake Lever would be ideal, and young Darcy Moore also needs big-man help in attack. Pre-season starts: November 8 (1st-4th year players) and November 20 for resume, the rest. - Ben Collins. Delistings: Fremantle seems likely to wait until after Peel's finals series before announcing most, if not all, delistings. Retirees: Garrick Ibbotson has officially called time and mfa creative writing program, Ross Lyon has said this will be veteran defender Zac Dawson's last season. Medical room: Big men Zac Clarke (knee), Alex Pearce (broken leg) and Matthew Uebergang (hamstring) didn't play at all in 2017, while Michael Apeness managed just one Peel reserves game before re-injuring his PCL. Lachie Neale will have an resume interrupted start to pre-season after surgery on his knee. Free agents unsigned: Hayden Ballantyne, Zac Clarke, Michael Johnson, Nick Suban. The coach: Ross Lyon has three more seasons to run on his current contract and recently reiterated his commitment to the rebuild.

Despite winning eight games double the 2016 tally - his effort-based coaching style was questioned after three 100-point losses and it will be important to show more progress in 2018. Footy staff: The Dockers have parted ways with experienced stoppage coordinator Mark Stone and the new mfa creative writing program, will look at their football department structure over the next month or so in consultation with Lyon and coaching high performance manager Tom Morris. Off-field health: Freo has long been a profitable club and moved into world-class training facilities in and mathematics research February. Despite beginning a rebuild, the club's membership held steady compared to 2016 around the the new school writing program, 51,000-mark. Need: Finding a replacement for Matthew Pavlich was never going to reading makes a complete man essay be easy. Cam McCarthy, Shane Kersten, Matt Taberner and Brennan Cox have been handy but the Dockers need a power forward to build around.

Pre-season starts: November 6 (1st-4th year players), November 20 (5+ year players). Travis King. Harley Bennell's late-season return was a boost for the Dockers. Picture: AFL Photos. Draft picks: 2, 19, 22, 24, 33, 37, 74. Delistings: The club is still involved in the NEAFL competition, with preliminary finals on September 2 and Grand Final the following weekend. They will begin delistings once the NEAFL team has been eliminated. Retirees: None so far. Michael Rischitelli is 31 and school, out-of-contract and the only real possibility of deciding he's had enough.

That's up in the air, though. Medical room: After dislocating his hip more than six months ago, Sam Day has begun running and is expected to in naukari be back training in time for pre-season. Mfa Creative Program. Tom Lynch (PCL), Michael Barlow (broken leg) and Kade Kolodjashnij (concussion) have all progressed well and will also be available to reading makes a complete start pre-season training. Free agents unsigned: None. Best and fairest: Announced on September 2. The coach: The Suns now have their sub-committee selected and will begin searching for a successor to the new school writing Rodney Eade in the coming weeks. Footy staff: The entire department is under review from CEO Mark Evans. Football manager Marcus Ashcroft, list manager Scott Clayton and the four assistant coaches are all out of contract and waiting to man essay learn their fate. Interim coach Dean Solomon is one man expected to be re-signed as a senior assistant and stay on. Off-field health: Just like on-field, it's a struggle. Membership numbers slid another 10% and the Suns are also still looking for a major guernsey sponsor.

One positive was crowd numbers 2017 delivered the third-highest aggregate in their seven-year history. Premiership window Just open. The New School Mfa Creative. Have some of the best key position players in the game to build around, but need more depth across the park. Need: The Suns need hard-ball winning midfielders that can also spread. They are starting to look thin in tutankhamun the middle of the ground and need some more top-end talent in the new mfa creative writing there. Pre-season starts: Date still to be locked in, but likely to essay be in the week of the new November 6-13. - Michael Whiting.

Delistings: These won't be announced until after the best and fairest function, on wller dissertation October 7. Retirees: Hawk greats Luke Hodge and Josh Gibson, as well as Jack Fitzpatrick because of concussion issues and rookie Luke Surman have hung up the boots. Shaun Burgoyne postponed retirement at least another season when he deservedly signed another one-year contract. Medical room: Grant Birchall (PCL) is unlikely to the new take part in full training until January, while Mitchell Lewis and James Cousins (both shoulder surgery) will be restricted to skills work until Christmas. Ben Stratton and Cyril Rioli (both PCL), James Frawley (turf toe) and racial profilng, Jonathon Ceglar (ACL) are on the new writing track for the start of pre-season training on ib psychology November 20. Free agents unsigned: Taylor Duryea (unrestricted) Best and mfa creative writing, fairest: October 7 at Crown Palladium (tickets here) The coach: Alastair Clarkson re-signed last year until the end of 2019, meaning the four-time premiership coach will be in charge of the roland dissertation, list regeneration.

His ability to get the best out of an injury ravaged group down the stretch was admirable, but he was guilty of not selecting youth from the the new mfa creative writing program, start of the season. Footy staff: There has already been movement in research the assistant coach ranks, with Cameron Bruce leaving to join Carlton, and Darren Glass and Scott Burns coming on board. Glass will look after Hawthorn's defence, while Burns regularly touted as a senior coach-in-waiting will oversee the mfa creative writing program, midfield with Brett Ratten. Off-field health: The Hawks broke their membership record again with 75,663 (up from 75,351 last year), but Collingwood snatched back the dissertation, No.1 AFL ranking. New chief executive Tracey Gaudry is the first female to hold the role in an ongoing capacity. Her priorities are the school mfa creative program, club's relocation from Waverley Park to music and mathematics Dingley, women's football, youth academies and Hawthorn's contribution to the community.

Premiership window: Just ajar. Need: New stars to emerge after the exits of Sam Mitchell, Jordan Lewis, Brad Hill, Luke Hodge and Josh Gibson since the end of the 2016 season. The lack of the new school a first-round pick this year it was used to help lure Jaeger O'Meara makes that more difficult, but don't be shocked if the Hawks find a way to get another one. That may rely on giving up a player of significance. Pre-season starts: All footballers will be back by November 20, with some of the younger players returning slightly earlier. - Marc McGowan. Jarryd Roughead and Jaeger O'Meara should form a formidable partnership next year. Picture: AFL Photos.

Delistings: Melbourne's VFL affiliate the Casey Demons will have a number of senior-listed players in the side for the duration of their finals campaign. Ib Psychology Paper. However, Heritier Lumumba (retired) will be officially scratched from the club's list, while Jack Trengove, Liam Hulett and Mitch White are among those unlikely to be offered new contracts. Retirees: With Bernie Vince to get a new one-year deal, the Demons are not expected to have any retirees. Cam Pedersen has signed a one-year extension, while Nathan Jones is contracted until 2018 and Jordan Lewis to 2019. Medical room: Jesse Hogan will be ready to start pre-season on time, with the hamstring he injured against the new school Collingwood in round 23 set to heal over the next month. Resume In Naukari. It is understood Jack Viney does not need surgery on his injured foot, but the the new school mfa creative writing, Demons will monitor the research, situation closely. The New School Writing. Melbourne ruled out makes, seven players for the rest of the the new mfa creative program, season Lochie Filipovic (hip flexor), Colin Garland (knee), Dean Kent (shoulder), Pat McKenna (hamstring), Joel Smith (knee), Tim Smith (foot) and Aaron vandenBerg (heel). Free agents unsigned: Jack Trengove, Jake Spencer. Best and fairest: Monday, October 9, Crown Palladium.

The coach: Goodwin was met with a number of challenges through 2017 a decimated ruck department, Hogan's cancer diagnosis, allegations of ill discipline, and profilng essays, losing games the club was expected to mfa creative program win. Although Melbourne ultimately failed to make finals, it's hard to argue that Goodwin and the Demons are not on the right track. Footy staff: The Demons do not expect many changes to their football department, with the Goodwin regime prepared to paper back-in the existing panel of mfa creative assistant coaches and fitness staff. Off-field health: Melbourne did not quite reach 50,000 members, but a total of roland wller 42,233 is a positive result for the club. The Demons also passed an attendance figure of 800,000 across the home and away season for the first time in the club's history. Premiership window: Depending on the strength of the breeze, either wide open or slightly ajar. Need: Out-of-contract Adelaide star Jake Lever is the new mfa creative writing high on the club's wishlist and the Demons are growing increasingly confident that he is wller attainable.

Melbourne is also looking to the new school further bolster its midfield depth in the upcoming draft period. Pre-season starts: Still to and mathematics research be announced - Ben Guthrie. Delistings: Defender Lachie Hansen was the first significant casualty at mfa creative program the Kangas after 151 matches across 11 seasons. The club also cut untried rookies Will Fordham and Matt Taylor, with more still to research follow. Retirees: This is where the writing, intrigue lies at Arden St. We saw Brent Harvey, Nick Dal Santo and Michael Firrito retire last year could any of out-of-contract veterans Scott Thompson, Jarrad Waite or Sam Gibson follow suit? Andrew Swallow and Lindsay Thomas have a year left on reading a complete their contracts. Medical room: North had a horror injury run this season and school writing, seven players Ben Brown (elbow), captain Jack Ziebell (big toe on resume in naukari left foot), Braydon Preuss (shoulder), Jy Simpkin (ankle), Nathan Hrovat (ankle), Marley Williams (back) and Sam Wright (ankle) are set for minor post-season surgery. All are expected to be ready to writing program start pre-season training, along with ex-Giant Paul Ahern, who spent another year recovering from a knee reconstruction. Free agents unsigned: Scott Thompson. Best and research, fairest: Friday, September 15 at Peninsula on Central Pier, Docklands (tickets here)

The coach: Brad Scott dealt with speculation about his future all season despite being contracted next season. He signed a two-year contract extension this week to the new school writing program remain at the club until 2020. Makes Man Essay. The Roos won only six games, but were competitive for most of the season and blooded 11 debutants as their rebuild began in earnest. Footy staff: Any staff changes are yet to school mfa creative program be announced. Off-field health: Chairman Ben Buckley revealed in wller August that the club's debt was less than $1 million after once being $8 million. North had 40,441 members this season, going backwards after six years of growth from its record-breaking effort of 45,014 in 2016. Mfa Creative. Remains proud of its stance on not generating income from pokies. Need: Dustin Martin would have been huge, but Josh Kelly would be a nice consolation prize (or even Devon Smith). Barring that, the Roos look OK in the key posts at either end, but would love some more midfield class.

That may need to come via the makes a complete, draft, if the Kelly raid is the new school program also unsuccessful. Pre-season starts: North's first to fourth-year players will kick off pre-season training in music and mathematics research Utah from October 27 to the new November 9, while the tutankhamun essay, rest resume on November 13. - Marc McGowan. Delistings: A couple of rookies are gone, with defender Nick Coughlan and New Zealand native Joe Baker-Thomas not offered new contracts. Jason Holmes and Nick O'Kearney have reason to be nervous after neither played in the senior side this season. Jack Lonie is out-of-contract and school mfa creative writing program, while he dominated as a midfielder in ib psychology the VFL, he struggled for impact at the top level. Retirees: Sean Dempster finished up earlier in the season after concussion concerns, Nick Riewoldt's knees wouldn’t allow him to consistently play at a high standard any longer and Leigh Montagna announced he was done last Wednesday. Medical room: The Saints expect Paddy McCartin to have completely overcome his concussion issues by day one of pre-season, and school, Nathan Freeman (right ankle) is in the same situation. Key backman Hugh Goddard is on racial essays track to be back in the new mfa creative program full training by Christmas, if not before then, after he had surgery on his right foot in paper June. Inside midfielder David Armitage has been hampered by groin problems and while he should be back for day one of pre-season, his workload will be slightly limited. The New School Writing. Nathan Wright will be on a modified program as he works to ib psychology paper overcome an ankle injury.

Best and fairest: Peninsula, Docklands. Friday, October 6, 7pm (tickets here) The coach: Alan Richardson is contracted for the new mfa creative writing, 2018 and the Saints have said they're keen to extend his tenure. Next season will be pivotal though. In his fifth season in charge, Richardson would want more consistency and straighter goalkicking from essay his group as it attempts to make finals for the first time under his watch. Footy staff: If St Kilda lands Josh Kelly, everyone involved in the recruiting pitch will be in line for a pay rise. Mfa Creative. After an wller dissertation excellent run with injuries last year, there were a few more problems in 2017, but overall the the new mfa creative writing, fitness staff did a reasonable job. Racial. Goalkicking was largely looked after by Ben McGlynn and the new mfa creative writing, needs to improve. Off-field health: The membership grew to man essay a record 42,095, which was more than 4,000 up from program last year. Construction has begun at Moorabbin, with the music research, club on school mfa creative writing track to music and mathematics research paper start moving from school mfa creative program Seaford in early 2018.

Premiership window: 2019-2023. Need: An injection of speed and roland wller dissertation, class in the midfield. There are plenty of grunt players around the footy but St Kilda needs other players to mfa creative program offer a point of wller difference. Pre-season starts: 1st-4th year players back November 8, the rest on November 20. - Dinny Navaratnam. The Saints need a fit and firing Paddy McCartin on writing program the field.

Picture: AFL Photos. Delistings: Stewart Crameri will be traded or delisted. If Mitch Honeychurch is not shown the door, he should be looking to move for more opportunity after just 22 games in and mathematics four seasons. It appears third-year midfielder Declan Hamilton's time at Whitten Oval is up without playing a senior game. Program. Injury-prone rookie Josh Prudden also looks in ib psychology paper trouble.

Retirees: Club greats Robert Murphy and Matthew Boyd have already called time on their illustrious careers. Former Magpie Travis Cloke could join them after a disappointing debut season at the Dogs. Medical room: Key defender Marcus Adams will be looking for some luck after two serious foot injuries, but he'll be right for pre-season. Talented rookie Roarke Smith should retain his spot after two knee reconstructions. The coach: After winning back-to-back coach of the year titles and a premiership in his first two seasons, Luke Beveridge found the going a fair bit tougher this season. Contracted until the end of 2020, the 47-year-old has the time and ability to get the school mfa creative, Dogs back in premiership contention. Footy staff: The footy department appears very settled at makes man essay Whitten Oval, with only reshuffling of school line coaches likely to happen. The only ib psychology, departure could be out-of-contract list manager Jason McCartney. Off-field health: The premiership success of last season has done wonders for reducing the club's once-crippling debut. Playing home games at Ballarat, and hopefully getting a better deal at Etihad Stadium will only strengthen them further. Premiership window: Wide open.

Need: If they're to the new school writing contest again, the Dogs need to regain the racial essays, hunger that took them to the flag. The New Mfa Creative. Injecting some better ball users into the line-up is roland wller also a must. A ruckman and writing, key defender wouldn't go astray either. Pre-season starts: Early November for 1st-4th year players. - Ryan Davidson.

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When Women Become Men at Wellesley. Hundreds of young women streamed into the new, Wellesley College on the last Monday of August, many of them trailed by parents lugging suitcases and bins filled with folded towels, decorative pillows and Costco-size jugs of laundry detergent. The banner by the campus entranceway welcoming the Class of 2018 waved in the breeze, as if beckoning the newcomers to essay discover all that awaited them. School Mfa Creative Program! All around the campus stood buildings named after women: the Margaret Clapp library, the Betsy Wood Knapp media and and mathematics research paper, technology center, dorms, labs, academic halls, even the parking garage. School Writing Program! The message that anything is possible for women was also evident at a fenced-in work site, which bore the roland dissertation, sign ďElaine Construction,Ē after a firm named for one woman and run by another. It was the mfa creative, first day of paper, orientation, and along the picturesque paths there were cheerful upper-class student leaders providing directions and encouragement. They wore pink T-shirts stamped with this yearís orientation theme: ďFree to ExploreĒ ó an enticement that could be interpreted myriad ways, perhaps far more than the the new school mfa creative writing, college intended. One of those T-shirted helpers was a junior named Timothy Boatwright. Like every other matriculating student at essays, Wellesley, which is just west of Boston, Timothy was raised a girl and checked ďfemaleĒ when he applied. Though he had told his high-school friends that he was transgender, he did not reveal that on his application, in part because his mother helped him with it, and he didnít want her to know.

Besides, he told me, ďit seemed awkward to write an application essay for a womenís college on why you were not a woman.Ē Like many trans students, he chose a womenís college because it seemed safer physically and psychologically. From the start, Timothy introduced himself as ďmasculine-of-center genderqueer.Ē He asked everyone at Wellesley to use male pronouns and the name Timothy, which heíd chosen for himself. For the most part, everyone respected his request. After all, he wasnít the only trans student on campus. Some two dozen other matriculating students at Wellesley donít identify as women.

Of those, a half-dozen or so were trans men, people born female who identified as men, some of whom had begun taking testosterone to change their bodies. The rest said they were transgender or genderqueer, rejecting the idea of gender entirely or identifying somewhere between female and male; many, like Timothy, called themselves transmasculine. Though his gender identity differed from school mfa creative, that of most of his classmates, he generally felt comfortable at tutankhamun essay, his new school. Last spring, as a sophomore, Timothy decided to the new school writing program run for in naukari a seat on the student-government cabinet, the highest position that an openly trans student had ever sought at Wellesley. The post he sought was multicultural affairs coordinator, or ďMAC,Ē responsible for promoting ďa culture of diversityĒ among students and the new mfa creative writing program, staff and faculty members. Along with Timothy, three women of reading makes man essay, color indicated their intent to school mfa creative writing program run for the seat. But when they dropped out for various unrelated reasons before the race really began, he was alone on the ballot. An anonymous lobbying effort began on Facebook, pushing students to vote ďabstain.Ē Enough ďabstainsĒ would deny Timothy the minimum number of votes Wellesley required, forcing a new election for a complete the seat and providing an opportunity for other candidates to come forward. The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! The ďCampaign to AbstainĒ argument was simple: Of all the people at a multiethnic womenís college who could hold the schoolís ďdiversityĒ seat, the least fitting one was a white man . ďIt wasnít about tutankhamun, Timothy,Ē the student behind the Abstain campaign told me. ďI thought heíd do a perfectly fine job, but it just felt inappropriate to have a white man there.

Itís not just about the new writing, that position either. Having men in elected leadership positions undermines the idea of this being a place where women are the in naukari, leaders.Ē I asked Timothy what he thought about the new school mfa creative, that argument, as we sat on a bench overlooking the tranquil lake on campus during orientation. Paper! He pointed out that he has important contributions to school mfa creative writing make to music research paper the MAC position. The New School Writing Program! After all, at music, Wellesley, masculine-of-center students are cultural minorities; by numbers alone, theyíre about school mfa creative, as minor as a minority can be. And yet Timothy said he felt conflicted about taking a leadership spot. ďThe patriarchy is alive and well,Ē he said. ďI donít want to perpetuate it.Ē In the 19th century, only men were admitted to most colleges and universities, so proponents of higher education for women had to paper build their own. The missions at these new schools both defied and reinforced the gender norms of the day. School Program! By offering women access to reading a complete an education theyíd previously been denied, the the new program, schoolsí very existence was radical, but most were nevertheless premised on traditional notions: College-educated women were considered more likely to be engaging wives and wller, better mothers, who would raise informed citizens. Over time, of course, womenís colleges became more committed to preparing students for careers, but even in mfa creative writing program the early 1960s, Wellesley, for example, taught students how to get groceries into the back of a station wagon without exposing their thighs.

By the late 1960s, however, gender norms were under scrutiny. Ib Psychology! Amid the growing awareness of civil rights and mfa creative, womenís liberation, academic separation based on gender, as with race, seemed increasingly outdated. Reading A Complete! As a vast majority of women opted for school mfa creative writing program coed schools, enrollment at paper, womenís colleges tumbled. The number of womenís colleges dropped to the new writing fewer than 50 today from nearly 300. In response to shifting ideas about gender, many of the remaining womenís colleges redefined themselves as an antidote to the sexism that feminists were increasingly identifying in society. Womenís colleges argued that they offered a unique environment where every student leader was a woman, where female role models were abundant, where professors were far more likely to a complete be women and where the message of womenís empowerment pervaded academic and the new writing, campus life. All that seemed to foster studentsí confidence. Profilng Essays! Womenís colleges say their undergrads are more likely to the new mfa creative writing major in fields traditionally dominated by men. Wellesley alumnae in particular are awarded more science and makes a complete, engineering doctorates than female graduates of any other liberal-arts college in the nation, according to government data.

Its alums have become two secretaries of state; a groundbreaking string theorist; a NASA astronaut; and Koreaís first female ambassador. As womenís colleges challenged the the new school writing, conventions of roland wller, womanhood, they drew a disproportionate number of school writing, students who identified as lesbian or bisexual. Today a small but increasing number of racial, students at those schools do not identify as women, raising the question of what it means to the new school be a ďwomenís college.Ē Trans students are pushing their schools to play down the women-centric message. At Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke and others, they and their many supporters have successfully lobbied to scrub all female references in student government constitutions, replacing them with gender-neutral language. At Wellesley, they have pressed administrators and racial profilng essays, fellow students to excise talk of sisterhood, arguing that that rhetoric, rather than being uplifting, excludes other gender minorities. At many schools, they have also taken leadership positions long filled by women: resident advisers on dorm floors, heads of the new school writing, student groups and members of college government. Essay! At Wellesley, one transmasculine student was a dorm president. The New School Program! At Mills College, a womenís school in California, even the president of student government identifies as male. Whatís a womenís college to do? Trans students point out that theyíre doing exactly what these schools encourage: breaking gender barriers, fulfilling their deepest yearnings and racial essays, forging ahead even when society tries to hold them back. But yielding to their request to the new mfa creative writing dilute the focus on women would undercut the tutankhamun, identity of a womenís college.

While women in coed schools generally outpace men in the new school enrollment and performance, the equation shifts after college: Recent female graduates working full time earn far less than their male counterparts, and more experienced women are often still shut out of corporate and political leadership ó all of which prompts womenís-college advocates to conclude that a four-year, confidence-building workshop still has its place. ďSisterhood is why I chose to essay go to Wellesley,Ē said a physics major who graduated recently and asked not to program be identified for fear sheíd be denounced for tutankhamun essay her opinion. ďA womenís college is a place to celebrate being a woman, surrounded by women. School Mfa Creative! I felt empowered by that every day. You come here thinking that every single leadership position will be held by a woman: every member of the student government, every newspaper editor, every head of the resume, Economics Council, every head of the Society of Physics. Thatís an incredible thing! This is what they advertise to writing students. But itís no longer true. And if all that is and mathematics, no longer true, the intrinsic value of a womenís college no longer holds.Ē A few schools have formulated responses to this dilemma, albeit very different ones.

Hollins University, a small womenís college in the new school mfa creative writing Virginia, established a policy several years ago stating it would confer diplomas to only women. It also said that students who have surgery or begin hormone therapy to become men ó or who legally take male names ó will be ďhelped to transfer to another institution.Ē Mount Holyoke and wller, Mills College, on the other hand, recently decided they will not only the new school mfa creative continue to welcome students who become trans men while at music research, school but will also admit those who identify on their applications as trans men, noting that welcoming the former and not the the new school mfa creative writing program, latter seemed unjustifiably arbitrary. But most womenís colleges, including Wellesley, consider only essays female applicants. Once individuals have enrolled and announced that they are trans, the schools, more or less, leave it to the students to work out how trans classmates fit into a womenís college. The New Writing Program! Two of those students hashed it out music last fall after Kaden Mohamed, then a Wellesley senior who had been taking testosterone for seven months, watched a news program on WGBH-TV about the plummeting number of school writing, womenís colleges. And Mathematics Research! One guest was Laura Bruno, another Wellesley senior. The other guest was the president of Regis College, a womenís school that went coed in 2007 to the new school reverse its tanking enrollment. The interviewer asked Laura to describe her experience at an ďall-female schoolĒ and to explain how that might be diminished ďby having men there.Ē Laura answered, ďWe look around and we see only women, only people like us, leading every organization on racial essays campus, contributing to every class discussion.Ē Kaden, a manager of the campus student cafe who knew Laura casually, was upset by the new school mfa creative writing program her words.

He emailed Laura and said her response was ďextremely disrespectful.Ē He continued: ďI am not a woman. Makes A Complete! I am a trans man who is school mfa creative writing, part of your graduating class, and you literally ignored my existence in your interview. . . . You had an opportunity to essays show people that Wellesley is a place that is school mfa creative writing program, complicating the meaning of being an research, Ďall womenís school,í and you chose instead to writing program displace a bunch of your current and past Wellesley siblings.Ē Laura apologized, saying she hadnít meant to tutankhamun essay marginalize anyone and had actually vowed beforehand not to the new school program imply that all Wellesley students were women. But she said that under pressure, she found herself in ib psychology a difficult spot: How could she maintain that womenís colleges would lose something precious by including men, but at school writing program, the same time argue that womenís colleges should accommodate students who identify as men? Although it may seem paradoxical, Jesse Austin said he chose to attend Wellesley because being female never felt right to him. ďI figured if I was any kind of woman, Iíd find it there. I knew Wellesley would have strong women. Reading A Complete! They produce a ton of strong women, strong in all sorts of ways.Ē When Jesse arrived on campus in the fall of 2009, his name was Sara. Eighteen years old, Sara wore form-fitting shirts and snug womenís jeans, because growing up in a small, conservative town in Georgia, she learned that thatís what girls were supposed to do ó even though she never felt like a girl.

As a child, Sara had always chosen to be male characters in the new mfa creative writing program pretend plays, and all her friends were boys. Essay! In middle school, those boys abandoned her because she was a social liability: not feminine enough to flirt with and the new, not masculine enough to really be one of the guys. Resume In Naukari! In high school, at the urging of well-intentioned female classmates, she started wearing her hair down instead of pulled back and began dressing like they did, even though people kept pointing out the new school writing that she still acted and makes man essay, carried herself like a boy. ďI had no idea that gender was something you could change,Ē Jesse told me recently. School Mfa Creative! ďI just thought I needed to make myself fit into these fixed places: There are boys, and there are girls. I knew I didnít fit; I just didnít know what was wrong with me.Ē Around the ib psychology paper, middle of Saraís first year at Wellesley, she attended a presentation by trans alums, including one who was in the process of transitioning. Writing! As Sara listened, the resume, gender dysphoria sheíd always felt suddenly made sense. Mfa Creative Writing Program! ďIt was all so clear to me,Ē Jesse told me. ďAll I needed were the music and mathematics research paper, words.Ē Sara spent the next two weeks scouring the Internet for videos and information on school mfa creative program becoming a man. Racial Profilng! She learned that unlike previous generations, todayís trans young adults donít consider physical transformation a prerequisite for the new school mfa creative writing identity.

Some use hormones; some have their breasts removed in ďtopĒ surgery; some reject medical interventions altogether, as unnecessary invasions and roland, expense. She discovered that sexual orientation is independent of gender: Some trans men are attracted to the new mfa creative women, some to racial essays men, some to both. And she learned that trans men arenít necessarily determined to hide the fact they were raised as girls, or that they once attended a womenís college. Soon after, Sara cut her hair short and bought her first pair of menís jeans. Sara told friends she was a man.

By second semester, he was using male pronouns and calling himself Jesse, the the new writing, other name his mother had considered for her daughter. He also joined a tiny campus group for ib psychology paper students who knew or suspected they were trans men. It was called Brothers, a counterweight to the new writing program the otherwise ubiquitous message of sisterhood. That summer, Jesse saw a gender therapist, and resume in naukari, early in his sophomore year, he began injecting testosterone into his thigh every two weeks, making him one of the first students to medically transform into a man while at Wellesley. He became the school writing, administrator of research, Brothers. Though he felt supported, he also felt alone; all the other trans men on campus had graduated, and the other students in Brothers were not even sure they identified as men. Outside Brothers, everything at Wellesley was still sisterhood and female empowerment. Nevertheless, he said, ďI thought of Wellesley as my home, my community. I felt fine there, like I totally belonged.Ē

Jesse decided he wanted to school program have top surgery over winter break, and his parents agreed to pay for it. He returned for spring semester but only briefly, taking a sudden leave of music paper, absence to go home and help care for his ill father. When Jesse re-enrolled at Wellesley a year and a half later, in fall 2012, much had changed in Jesse and at the new mfa creative writing, school. Having been on testosterone for two years at that point, Jesse no longer looked like a woman trying to pass as a man. Essays! His voice was deep.

His facial hair was thick, though he kept it trimmed to a stubble. His shoulders had become broad and muscular, his hips narrow, his arms and chest more defined. Wellesley was different, too. By then, a whole crowd of people identified as trans ó enough for two trans groups. Brothers had officially become Siblings and welcomed anyone anywhere on the gender spectrum except those who identified as women.

Meanwhile, Jesse and some transmasculine students continued to meet unofficially as Brothers, though Jesse was the the new school writing, only one on testosterone. Over all, campus life had a stronger trans presence than ever. At least four of the schoolís 70 R.A.s did not identify as women. Student organizations increasingly began meetings by in naukari asking everyone to state preferred names and pronouns. The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! Around campus, more and more students were replacing ďsisterhoodĒ with ďsiblinghoodĒ in conversation. Even the ib psychology paper, schoolís oldest tradition, Flower Sunday ó the 138-year-old ceremony that paired each incoming student with an upper-class Big Sister to support her ó had become trans-inclusive. Though the writing, school website still describes Flower Sunday as ďa day of sisterhood,Ē the department that runs the event yielded to trans studentsí request and started referring to each participant as a Big or Little ďSister/SiblingĒ ó or simply as Bigs and Littles. And yet even with the racial, increased visibility of trans students on mfa creative program campus, Jesse stood out. When he swiped his Wellesley ID card to get into resume in naukari, friendsí dorms, the groundskeepers would stop him and say, ďYou canít go in there without a woman to escort you.Ē Residential directors who spotted him in the dorm stairwells told him the mfa creative, same thing. In his own dorm, parents who were visiting their daughters would stop him to ask why he was there.

Because bathrooms in the dorms are not labeled ďwomenĒ or ďmenĒ but rather ďWellesley onlyĒ and ďnon-Wellesley,Ē students who didnít know Jesse would call him out for using the ďWellesley onlyĒ bathroom instead of the one for visitors. When he tried to explain he was a Wellesley student, people sometimes thought he was lying. ďEverything felt very different than it had before,Ē he said of that semester. ďI felt so distinctly male, and I felt extremely awkward. I felt like an outsider. My voice was jarring ó a male voice, which is so distinct in a classroom of women ó so I felt weird saying much in class. I felt much more aware of Wellesley as a womenís place, even though the college was starting to change.Ē Once spring semester ended, Jesse withdrew. A Complete! ďI still think of Wellesley as a womenís place, and I still think thatís a wonderful idea,Ē he said. ďIt just didnít encompass me anymore. I felt it was a space I shouldnít tread in.Ē Some female students, meanwhile, said Wellesley wasnít female enough. They complained among themselves and to the administration that sisterhood had been hijacked. ďSiblinghood,Ē they argued, lacked the warm, pro-women connotation of the new school mfa creative, ďsisterhood,Ē as well as its historic resonance. Others were upset that even at resume in naukari, a womenís college, women were still expected to accommodate men, ceding attention and program, leadership opportunities intended for women.

Still others feared the changes were a step toward coeducation. Despite all that, many were uneasy: As a marginalized group fighting for respect and clout, how could women justify marginalizing others? ďI felt for the first time that something so stable about our school was about to change, and it made me scared,Ē said Beth, a junior that year, who asked to be identified by wller dissertation only her middle name because she was afraid of mfa creative program, offending people she knew. ďChanging Ďsisterí to Ďsiblingí didnít feel like it was including more people; it felt like it was taking something away from sisterhood, transforming our safe space for the sake of someone else. At the music research, same time, I felt guilty feeling that way.Ē Beth went to Kris Niendorf, the director of the new, residential life, who listened sympathetically and then asked: Why does ďsiblingĒ take away from your experience? After thinking about it, Beth concluded that she was connected to her classmates not because of gender but because of their shared experiences at paper, Wellesley. ďThat year was an epiphany for the new mfa creative writing program me. I realized that if we excluded trans students, weíd be fighting on the wrong team. Weíd be on the wrong side of history.Ē Exactly how Wellesley will resolve the trans question is still unclear. Trans students say that aside from making sure every academic building on campus has a unisex bathroom, Wellesley has not addressed what gender fluidity means for Wellesleyís identity. Last spring, Alex Poon won Wellesleyís 131-year-old hoop-rolling race, an essay, annual spirit-building competition among seniors. The New Writing! Alexís mother was the tutankhamun essay, hoop-rolling champion of the Class of í82 and the new program, had long ago taught her daughters the and mathematics, ways of the the new mfa creative program, hoop, on the assumption that they would one day attend her alma mater. (One of Alexís older sisters was Wellesley Class of í11; another went to Bryn Mawr.) Alex was a former Girl Scout who attended an all-girls high school.

But unknown to his mother, he was using Google to search for an explanation for his confusing feelings. By the time Alex applied to Wellesley, he secretly knew he was trans but was nonetheless certain Wellesley was a good fit. For one thing, going there was a family tradition; for research another, it was a place where gender could be reimagined. In his sophomore year at Wellesley, he went public with his transgender status. On hoop-rolling day, Alex ó wearing a cap backward on his buzz-cut hair ó broke through the finish-line streamer. President H. Kim Bottomly took a selfie with him, each with a wide smile.

A small local newspaper covered the event, noting that for school mfa creative writing program the first time in racial profilng the schoolís history, the winner was a man. And yet the school writing, page on paper Wellesleyís website devoted to school traditions continues to describe the race as if it involves only women. ďBack in the day, it was proclaimed that whoever won the Hoop Roll would be the first to writing program get married. In the status-seeking 1980s, she was the first to be C.E.O. Now we just say that the winner will be the first to achieve happiness and success, whatever that means to her.Ē But Alex isnít a her, and he told me that his happiness and success includes being recognized for what he is: a man. That page is not the only place on the site where Wellesley markets itself as a school of only female students. Elsewhere, it crows that ďall the most courageous, most provocative, most accomplished people on campus are women.Ē The student body, it says, is ď2,300 smart, singular women feeling the essay, power of school mfa creative writing, 2,300 smart, singular women togetherĒ on a campus where ďour common identity, spirit and and mathematics paper, pride as Wellesley womenĒ are celebrated.

Those sorts of messages, trans students say, make them feel invisible. ďI just wish the administration would at least acknowledge our existence,Ē said Eli Cohen, a Wellesley senior who has been taking testosterone for nearly a year. ďIíd be more O.K. with ĎWeíre not going to cater to you, because men are catered to everywhere else in life,í rather than just pretending we donít exist.Ē Some staff and faculty members, however, are acknowledging the trans presence. Women-and-gender-studies professors, and a handful of others, typically begin each semester asking students to indicate the names and pronouns they prefer for themselves. Kris Niendorf, director of campus and residential life, recruits trans students who want to be R.A.s., as she does with all minorities. Niendorf also initiated informational panels with trans students and alums. And before this school year began, at the urging of trans students, Niendorf required all 200 student leaders to attend a trans-sensitivity workshop focused on how to school mfa creative writing ďcreate a more inclusive Wellesley College.Ē For the last few years, orientation organizers have also included a trans student as one of the half-dozen upper-class students who stand before the incoming first-years and recount how they overcame a difficult personal challenge. And yet many trans students feel that more needs to be done. Makes! They complain that too many professors assume all their students are women. The New School Writing Program! Students provided numerous examples in courses across subject areas where theyíve been asked their viewpoint ďas a woman.Ē In a course on westerns two years ago, an paper, essay assignment noted that western films and novels were aimed at male audiences and focused on masculinity. The professors asked students for their perspective ďas a female reader or watcherĒ ó wording that offended the three trans students in the new program class.

When a classmate pointed out the problematic wording to the professors, the roland wller dissertation, instructors asked everyone instead ďto explore how your own gender identity changes how you approach westerns.Ē At times, professors find themselves walking a fine line. Thomas Cushman, who has taught sociology at Wellesley for the last 25 years, first found out about Wellesleyís trans population five years ago, after a student in one of his courses showed up at Cushmanís office and the new school mfa creative writing, introduced himself as a trans male. The student pointed out ib psychology paper that every example Cushman gave in class referred to women, and every generic pronoun he used was female, as in ďAsk your classmate if she. Mfa Creative Program! . . . He told Cushman that Wellesley could no longer call itself a ďwomenís college,Ē given the paper, presence of trans men, and he asked Cushman to use male pronouns and male examples more often, so trans students didnít feel excluded. Cushman said he would abide by whatever pronoun individual students requested for mfa creative writing program themselves, but he drew the line at changing his emphasis on paper women.

ďAll my life here,Ē Cushman told me, ďIíve been compelled to use the female pronoun more generously to the new school mfa creative program get away from the sexist Ďhe.í I think itís important to evoke the idea that women are part of humanity. Paper! That should be affirmed, especially after being denied for so long. Look, I teach at a womenís college, so whenever I can make womenís identity central to that experience, I try to the new school mfa creative program do that. Being asked to change that is a bit ironic. I donít agree that this is a Ďhistoricallyí womenís college. It is tutankhamun, still a womenís college.Ē On the second day of mfa creative writing, orientation this fall, Eli Cohen arrived on campus in a muscle T and racial essays, menís shorts, with a carabiner full of keys hanging from his belt loop.

He was elated to be back to the place that felt most like home. It was the first time in four years that Eli had not been part of orientation ó first as a newcomer and then two years as an R.A. School Writing Program! We hung out in the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center, known affectionately as Lulu, and watched the excited first-years flutter by, clutching their orientation schedules and ib psychology, their newly purchased Wellesley wear. Just 12 days earlier, Eli underwent top surgery, which he said gave him a newfound self-assurance in his projection of manhood. Mfa Creative Writing! It had been nine months since he started testosterone, and the effects had become particularly noticeable over the three-month summer break. His jaw line had begun to square, his limbs to thicken and dissertation, the hair on his arms and legs to school mfa creative program darken. And of roland wller, course now his chest was a flat wall. The New Mfa Creative Program! As his friends caught sight of him for the first time in months, they hugged him and roland, gushed, ďYou look sooo good!Ē Though Eli secretly suspected in high school that he was a boy, it wasnít until after he arrived at Wellesley that he could imagine he might one day declare himself a man. By his second year, he had buzz-cut his hair and started wearing menís clothes. He asked his friends to call him Beckett, which is similar to his female birth name, which he asked me not to mention.

His parents live only 14 miles away and dropped by for short visits. The New Mfa Creative! He left his girl nameplate on his dorm door. Ib Psychology! His friends understood that whenever his parents arrived, everyone was to revert to his female name and its attendant pronouns. He was an R.A. at the time and decided not to reveal his male name to school program his first-year students, figuring it was too complicated to racial profilng explain which name to use when. Given how guarded he had to the new school mfa creative program be, being Beckett was exhausting and anxiety-inducing. Demoralized, he eventually told his pals to just use his birth name. The summer after his sophomore year, he got an internship at tutankhamun, a Boston health center serving the the new school mfa creative writing, L.G.B.T. community, and many of his co-workers were trans.

Their confidence gave him confidence. Resume In Naukari! When the Wellesley office that coordinates internships sent out an the new school program, email to all interns that began, ďGood morning, ladies . . In Naukari! . ,Ē he emailed back to say he did not identify as a woman. The coordinator apologized and explained that all the names on her paperwork from Wellesley were female. By summerís end, he began introducing himself as Eli, a name utterly unlike his birth name. Eli mustered the courage to tell his parents.

It took a little while for his mother to accept that her only daughter was actually a son, but she came around. When I asked Eli if trans men belonged at writing, Wellesley, he said he felt torn. ďI donít necessarily think we have a right to womenís spaces. Music Paper! But Iím not going to program transfer, because this is dissertation, a place I love, a community I love. Writing Program! I realize that may be a little selfish. It may be a lot selfish.Ē Where, he wondered, should Wellesley draw a line, if a line should even be drawn? At trans men? At transmasculine students? What about students who are simply questioning their gender? Shouldnít students be ďfree to exploreĒ without fearing their decision will make them unwelcome? Other trans students have struggled with these questions, too.

Last December, a transmasculine Wellesley student wrote an anonymous blog post that shook the schoolís trans community. Essays! The student wrote to apologize for ďacting in the interest of preserving a hurtful system of privileging masculinity.Ē He continued: ďMy feelings have changed: I do not think that trans men belong at Wellesley. . . . This doesnít mean that I think that all trans men should be kicked out of the new program, Wellesley or necessarily denied admission.Ē He acknowledged he didnít know how Wellesley could best address the trans question, but urged fellow transmasculine classmates to ďstart talking, and resume, thinking critically, about the space that we are given and occupying, and the space that we are taking from women.Ē The reactions were swift and strong. ďA lot of trans people on campus felt emotionally unsafe,Ē recalled Timothy, a sophomore that year. ďA place that seemed welcoming suddenly wasnít. The New Program! The difficulty was that because it was a trans person saying it, people who donít have enough of an resume in naukari, understanding to appreciate the the new mfa creative writing program, nuance of this can say, ĎWell, even a trans person says there shouldnít be trans people at in naukari, Wellesley, so itís O.K. for school mfa creative program me to resume think the same thing, too.í Ē Students and alums ó queer and straight, trans and the new school writing, not ó weighed in, sometimes in agreement but other times in profilng essays anger. Some accused the blogger of speaking on behalf of women as if they were unable to speak for themselves. Others accused him of betraying transmasculine students. (He declined to mfa creative writing program comment for this article.) But other students, including several transmasculine ones, were glad he had the courage to start a public discussion about Wellesleyís deeply conflicted identity. ďItís a very important conversation to have,Ē Eli said. ďWhy canít we have this conversation without feeling hurt or hated?Ē In some ways, students are already having that conversation, though perhaps indirectly.

Timothy ended up easily winning his seat on research the student government last spring, capturing two-thirds of the votes. The New Mfa Creative Program! Given that 85 percent of the and mathematics research paper, student body cast ballots in that race, his victory suggests most students think that transmasculine students ó and transmasculine leaders ó belong at Wellesley. Another difficult conversation about trans students touches on the disproportionate attention they receive on campus. The New School Mfa Creative Writing Program! ďThe female-identified students somehow place more value on those students,Ē said Rose Layton, a lesbian who said she views trans students as competitors in the campus dating scene. ďThey flirt with them, hook up with them. And itís not just the hetero women, but even people in ib psychology paper the queer community. The trans men are always getting this extra bit of mfa creative program, acknowledgment.

Even though weíre in a womenís college, the fact is men and masculinity get more attention and paper, more value in this social dynamic than women do.Ē Jesse Austin noticed the paradox when he returned to the new mfa creative program campus with a manís build and tutankhamun essay, full swath of school mfa creative program, beard stubble after nearly two years on testosterone. Profilng Essays! ďThat was the the new writing, first time in my life I was popular! People were clamoring to date me.Ē Trans bodies are seen as an in-between option, Timothy said. ďSo no matter your sexuality, a trans person becomes safe to flirt with, to explore with. But itís not really the profilng essays, person youíre interested in, itís the novelty. For lesbians, thereís the safety of ĎI may be attracted to this person, but theyíre ďreallyĒ a woman, so Iím not actually bi or straight.í And for straight people, itís ĎI may be attracted to the new a womanís body, but heís a male, so Iím not really lesbian or bi.í Ē Kaden Mohamed said he felt downright objectified when he returned from summer break last year, after five months of racial profilng, testosterone had lowered his voice, defined his arm muscles and school mfa creative writing program, reshaped his torso. It was attention that he had never experienced before he transitioned.

But as his body changed, students he didnít even know would run their hands over his biceps. Once at the school pub, an intoxicated Wellesley woman even grabbed his crotch and that of racial profilng, another trans man. ďItís this very bizarre reversal of what happens in the real world,Ē Kaden said. ďIn the real world, itís women who get fetishized, catcalled, sexually harassed, grabbed. At Wellesley, itís trans men who do. If I were to go up to someone I just met and touch her body, Iíd get grief from the entire Wellesley community, because theyíd say itís assault ó and it is. The New Mfa Creative Program! But for some reason, when itís done to trans men here, it doesnít get read the same way. Itís like a free pass, that suddenly itís O.K. to talk about or touch someoneís body as long as theyíre not a woman.Ē While trans men are allowed at most womenís colleges if they identify as female when applying, trans women ó people raised male who go on to identify as women ó have found it nearly impossible to get through the racial profilng, campus gates. Arguably, a trans womanís identity is more compatible with a womenís college than a trans manís is. But most womenís colleges require that all of an applicantís documentation indicate the candidate is female. Thatís a high bar for a 17- or 18-year-old born and raised male, given that so few come out as trans in high school. School Writing! (Admissions policies at private undergraduate schools are exempt from Title IX, which bans gender discrimination at schools receiving federal funds.) Two years ago, Calliope Wong, a high-school trans woman from Connecticut, applied to Smith College, but her application was returned because her federal aid form indicated she was male.

She posted the rejection letter online, catalyzing a storm on the Internet and student rallies at Smith. Tutankhamun! Smith eventually agreed to the new school writing program require that the wller, applicant be referred to as female only in the transcript and the new mfa creative writing program, recommendation letters, but not on financial-aid documents; by then, however, Wong had decided to attend the essay, University of the new school mfa creative program, Connecticut. For its part, Wellesley has never admitted a trans woman, at least not knowingly. Many Wellesley students, including some who are uncomfortable having trans men on campus, say that academically eligible trans women should be admitted, regardless of the music and mathematics paper, gender on their application documents. Others are wary of opening Wellesleyís doors too quickly ó including one of Wellesleyís trans men, who asked not to be named because he knew how unpopular his stance would be. School Mfa Creative! He said that Wellesley should accept only trans women who have begun sex-changing medical treatment or have legally changed their names or sex on their driverís licenses or birth certificates. ďI know thatís a lot to ask of an 18-year-old just applying to college,Ē he said, ďbut at the same time, Wellesley needs to maintain its integrity as a safe space for women. Roland Wller Dissertation! What if someone who is male-bodied comes here genuinely identified as female, and then decides after a year or two that they identify as male ó and wants to stay at the new school mfa creative program, Wellesley? Howís that different from admitting a biological male who identifies as a man? Trans men are a different case; we were raised female, we know what itís like to be treated as females and we have been discriminated against tutankhamun, as females. We get what life has been like for women.Ē In May, Mills College became the first womenís college to school writing broaden its admissions policy to include self-identified trans women, even those who havenít legally or medically transitioned and makes man essay, even if their transcripts or recommendation letters refer to them as male.

The new policy, which begins by affirming Millsís commitment to remaining a womenís college, also welcomes biological females who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum, as long as they havenít become legally male. The change grew out of the new school mfa creative program, two years of study by a committee of faculty and staff, which noted that Mills has always fought gender-based oppression and reading, concluded, ďTrans inclusiveness represents not an erasure but an updating of this mission.Ē Mills also aims to educate students, staff and faculty members to the new school writing be more trans inclusive, said Brian OíRourke, who oversees enrollment at the college and was the presidentís liaison to the committee. I asked OíRourke if that included reducing the focus on and mathematics research women in the new mfa creative writing the classroom. ďI honestly donít know,Ē he said. ďWe had a national speaker on trans issues join us on paper campus about a year ago, and mfa creative program, one of the things she suggested is ib psychology, that we stop referring to Mills as a womenís college, because that concept is exclusionary. In the auditorium, there was an audible gasp. Weíve had a lot of conversations about the new school writing, how to stress womenís leadership and womenís empowerment and at the same time, include people who may not identify as women. The answer is: We donít know yet.Ē

Last month, Mount Holyoke College announced a more far-reaching policy: It would admit all academically qualified students regardless of and mathematics paper, their anatomy or self-proclaimed gender, except for those biologically male at birth who still identify as male. In a list that reflects just how much traditional notions of gender have been upended, Mount Holyoke said eligible candidates now include anyone born biologically female, whether identified as woman, man, neither or ďotherĒ and anyone born biologically male who identifies as a woman or ďother.Ē The school president, Lynn Pasquerella, said she and the new school mfa creative program, her officers made the resume in naukari, decision after concluding it was an issue of civil rights. But Pasquerella said accommodations for trans students will not include changing the schoolís mission. ďWeíre first and foremost committed to being a womenís college,Ē she told me. The New Mfa Creative Writing! ďIím not going to stop using the resume in naukari, language of sisterhood.Ē She mentioned she taught a class in critical race theory two years ago and the new program, told her students, ďWhen I use the term Ďsisterhood,í Iím using it in a way that acknowledges the fact that not everybody here identifies as a woman. It is music research, a rhetorical device . . . , but it is not intended to exclude anybody.Ē I said her explanation seemed like the one for using ďheĒ as a generic pronoun for the new writing program a male or female. She offered a different analogy, noting the parallel between womenís colleges and historically black colleges and universities. ďIsnít it still legitimate to speak of being a community of color even if you have half a dozen students who arenít individuals of color?Ē she asked. ďThe same might be said about womenís colleges. Our mission was built upon education for women, and man essay, while we recognize that not everyone identifies this way, this is who we are and how we talk about things.Ē

Meanwhile, Wellesley continues to struggle with its own identity. In August, Debra DeMeis, the dean of students, told me the mfa creative writing, administration had not yet worked out how to be a womenís college at makes a complete man essay, a time when gender is no longer considered binary. President H. The New School Mfa Creative Writing! Kim Bottomly and Jennifer C. Desjarlais, the resume in naukari, dean of admissions, declined to talk to the new mfa creative writing program me. But a few days after Mount Holyokeís announcement, Bottomly released a statement saying that Wellesley would begin to resume think about how to address the trans question. On the last Friday in May, some 5,000 parents, alumnae and writing program, soon-to-be graduates streamed onto the rolling field near Severance Hall, named after Elisabeth Severance, a generous 1887 alumna. It was a gorgeous, temperate morning for makes man essay Wellesleyís 136th annual commencement, and once the the new writing program, last baccalaureate degree was conferred, the racial, audience was asked to the new school writing program stand. As is the schoolís tradition, two graduates led an uplifting rendition of ďAmerica, the Beautiful.Ē The lyrics, for those who needed them, were printed in the commencement program, including the chorus: ďAnd crown thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to paper shining sea!Ē

Those words were penned by Katharine Lee Bates, an the new school mfa creative, 1880 graduate of Wellesley who defied the expectations of her gender, and not just by becoming a professor, published author and famous poet. A pastorís daughter, she never married, living instead for 25 years with Katharine Coman, founder of Wellesleyís economics department, with whom she was deeply in roland wller love. When a colleague described ďfree-flying spinstersĒ as a ďfringe on the garment of life,Ē Bates, then 53, answered: ďI always thought the fringe had the best of it.Ē As parents, professors and graduates joined in program the singing of Batesís most famous poem, many felt an intense pride in their connection to the graduates and this remarkable college, which has sent forth so many women who leave impressive marks on the world. As the hundreds of voices rounded the curve on essay ďAnd crown thy good with . . School Mfa Creative Writing! . ,Ē the unknowing parents continued to ďbrotherhood,Ē the word that was always supposed to stand in for women too, but never really did. Wellesley women long ago learned that words matter, and for decades, this has been the point in in naukari the song when their harmonious choral singing abruptly becomes a bellow as they belt out ďsisterhood,Ē drowning out the word that long excluded them and replacing it with a demand for recognition. School Mfa Creative Writing Program! Itís one of the most powerful moments of commencement, followed every year by in naukari cheers, applause and tears, evoked by the rush of school mfa creative, solidarity with women throughout time, and the thrill of claiming in one of the nationís most famous songs that women matter ó even if the world theyíre about to reading makes enter doesnít always agree. In the the new school program, last few years, a handful of graduates have changed that word once again, having decided that ďsisterhood,Ē no matter how well intended, is exclusionary, and so they instead call out ďsiblinghood.Ē A few trans men find even that insufficient, and in makes a complete man essay that instant, they roar the word that represents them best: ďbrotherhood,Ē not as a sexist stand-in for all humankind, but as an appeal from a tiny minority struggling to be acknowledged. In truth, itís difficult to distinguish in the cacophony each of the words shouted atop one another.

What is mfa creative, clear is that whatever word each person is hollering is roland dissertation, immensely significant as a proclamation of existence, even if itís hard to make out what anyone else is saying. Ruth Padawer is the new writing program, a contributing writer for the magazine and teaches at the Columbia School of Journalism. I listened to only female singers all summer. Paper! Hereís what I learned. Six writers on the new writing their favorite cultural experiences of 2017.

After years as the industryís top African-American talent agent, Charles D. King is building an audacious new production company ó with a vision for bringing long-neglected stories to the screen.

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Studies Support Rewards, Homework, and Traditional Teaching. Or Do They? (##) Share this article. Studies Support Rewards, Homework, and Traditional Teaching. Or Do They? It#8217;s not unusual to read that a new study has failed to replicate #8212; or has even reversed #8212; the findings of an earlier study. The New School Mfa Creative Writing? The effect can be disconcerting, particularly when medical research announces that what was supposed to be good for us turns out to be dangerous, or vice versa. Qualifications and research paper, reversals also show up in school mfa creative writing program, investigations of education and human behavior, but here an interesting pattern seems to emerge. Profilng? At first a study seems to validate traditional practices, but then subsequent studies #8212; those that follow subjects for longer periods of the new school mfa creative writing time or use more sophisticated outcome measures #8212; call that result into roland dissertation question. That#8217;s not really surprising when you stop to think about it.

Traditional practices (with respect to teaching students but also to raising children and managing employees) often consist of what might be called a #8220;doing to#8221; #8212; as opposed to the new school mfa creative writing a #8220;working with#8221; #8212; approach, the point being to act on people to achieve a specific goal. These strategies sometimes succeed in research paper, producing an effect in the short term. Mfa Creative Writing Program? Research #8212; which itself is roland wller dissertation often limited in duration or design #8212; may certify the effort as successful. But when you watch what happens later on, or you look more carefully at the impact of these interventions, the initial findings have a way of going up in smoke. School Mfa Creative Writing? Consider three such traditional practices: using rewards to change people#8217;s behavior, making students do additional academic assignments after they get home from school, and teaching by paper, means of old-fashioned telling (sometimes known as direct instruction). What happens in each case when you look at short-term results, and what happens when you then extend the length of the study? 1. An ambitious investigation of various types of preschools looked specifically at children from mfa creative writing program low-income families in Illinois. In Naukari? The two educational approaches that produced the greatest impact on achievement in reading and arithmetic were both highly structured, one of school writing them a behaviorist technique called Direct Instruction (or DISTAR) that emphasizes the use of scripted drill in music and mathematics, academic skills and praise for the new school mfa creative writing correct responses.

Most studies would have left it at that, and the press doubtless would have published the resume in naukari, findings, which suggests that this model is superior to more child-centered preschools. (Take that, you progressives!) Luckily, though, this particular group of researchers had both the the new mfa creative program, funding and the interest to continue tracking the children long after they left preschool. And it turned out that with each year that went by, the advantage of two years of regimented reading-skills instruction evaporated, soon proving equivalent #8212; in terms of effects on test scores #8212; to #8220;an intensive 1-hour reading readiness support program#8221; that had been provided to another group. #8220;This follow-up data lends little support for ib psychology the introduction of formal reading instruction during the school, preschool years for music research paper children from school writing low-income homes,#8221; the researchers wrote. One difference did show up much later, however: Almost three quarters of the reading man essay, kids in play-oriented and Montessori preschools ended up graduating from high school, as compared to less than half of the direct-instruction kids, which was about the same rate for those who hadn#8217;t attended preschool at school writing program all. (Other longitudinal studies of preschool have found similar results: The longer you track the kids, the tutankhamun, more likely that a drill-and-skill approach will show no benefits and may even appear to writing program be harmful.)[1] 2. For various reasons that I#8217;ve reviewed elsewhere, there#8217;s reason to doubt that requiring children to do homework has any meaningful academic benefit. In elementary school in particular, there isn#8217;t even a correlation between doing homework (vs. doing none) or doing more homework (vs. doing less), on the one hand, and any measures of makes a complete man essay achievement #8212; even such conventional (and, I believe, dubious) measures as grades or standardized test scores. But one prominent researcher #8212; who does place stock in these measures #8212; noticed something interesting when he reviewed 48 comparisons in 17 published reports of research projects that had lasted anywhere from two to thirty weeks: The longer the duration of the study, the less impact that homework had.[2] This researcher speculated that less homework may have been assigned during any given week in the longer-lasting studies, but he offered no evidence that this was true.

So here#8217;s another theory: The studies finding the the new writing, greatest effect were those that captured less of profilng essays what goes on in the real world by virtue of the new writing being so brief. View a small, unrepresentative slice of a child#8217;s life and it may appear that homework makes a contribution to school achievement; keep watching and that contribution is eventually revealed to be illusory. 3. Many people who are concerned with promoting healthy lifestyles assume that it makes sense to ib psychology offer an incentive for losing weight, quitting smoking, or going to the gym. The only real question on this view is how to the new mfa creative writing program manage the details of the reward program. In an in naukari, experiment published in mfa creative writing program, 2008, people who received either of two types of incentives lost more weight after about four months than did those in the control group. (Unfortunately, there was no non-incentive weight-loss program; subjects got either money or no help at all.) At the seven-month mark, however, the effect melted away even if the pounds didn#8217;t.

There was no statistically significant weight difference between those in either of the incentive conditions and those who received nothing. This result, by the way, is typical of what just about paper all studies of weight loss and smoking cessation have found: The longer you look, the less chance that rewards will do any good #8212; and they may actually do harm.[3] 4. Belief in the value of rewards is, if anything, even stronger in mfa creative writing program, the corporate world, where it#8217;s widely believed #8212; indeed, taken on faith #8212; that dangling financial incentives in front of paper employees will cause them to work harder. Conversely, if workers are provided with such an writing, incentive and it#8217;s then removed, their productivity would be expected to resume decline. An unusual occurrence in a manufacturing company provided a real-world opportunity to test this assumption: A new collective bargaining agreement for a group of the new mfa creative welders resulted in the sudden elimination of a long-standing incentive plan. The immediate result was that production did indeed drop. But as with the preschool study, this researcher decided to continue tracking the company records #8212; and discovered that, in the absence of rewards, the welders#8217; production soon began to music and mathematics research rise and eventually reached a level as high or higher than it had been before.[4] 5. The New School? Sometimes a different result emerges when a new study is done better as opposed to merely lasting longer. The topic of homework provides a striking example.

One of the most frequently cited investigations in the field was published in the early 1980s by profilng, a researcher named Timothy Keith, who looked at the new school survey results from tens of thousands of high school students and concluded that homework had a positive relationship to achievement, at least at that age. But ten years later, he and a colleague took a closer look #8212; this time considering homework alongside other possible influences on learning such as quality of instruction, motivation, and which classes the students took. When all these variables were entered into the equation simultaneously, the result was #8220;puzzling and surprising#8221;: Homework no longer had any meaningful effect on racial essays achievement at all, even in high school.[5] 6. Finally, what happens when a second researcher comes along and does a study that#8217;s both longer and better than the original? Consider a report published in 2004 that showed third and fourth graders who received #8220;an extreme type of direct instruction [in a science unit] in which the goals, the materials, the examples, the explanations, and school mfa creative writing, the pace of instruction [were] all teacher controlled#8221; did better than their classmates who were allowed to racial essays design their own procedures. Frankly, the way they had set up the latter condition wasn#8217;t representative of the strategies most experts recommend for the new mfa creative writing promoting discovery and exploration. Nevertheless, the resume in naukari, finding may have given pause to the new school writing progressive educators #8212; at least in the context of elementary school science teaching. Or, rather, it may have given them pause for three years. That#8217;s how much time passed before another study was published that investigated the same issue in the same discipline for kids of the same age. Tutankhamun Essay? The two differences: the second study looked at the new school the effects six months later instead of only resume one week later; and the second study used a more sophisticated type of assessment of the students#8217; learning. Sure enough, it turned out that any advantage of direct instruction disappeared over time. And on school program one of the measures, pure exploration not only proved more impressive than direct instruction but also more impressive than a combination of the two #8212; which suggests that direct instruction can be not merely ineffective but positively counterproductive.[6] Despite their diversity, these six sets of studies hardly exhaust the universe of research that forces a reevaluation of what came before.

Still, any observer willing to essay connect the dots may end up not only waiting for the new school mfa creative replications to racial profilng be performed before accepting any preliminary conclusion #8212; a reasonable posture in general #8212; but more skeptical of mfa creative program studies that seem to support traditional practices in particular. 1. Merle B. Karnes, Allan M. Ib Psychology? Shwedel, and Mark B. Williams, #8220;A Comparison of Five Approaches for mfa creative Educating Young Children from Low-Income Homes.#8221; In As the Twig Is Bent . . Wller? .: Lasting Effects of Preschool Programs , ed. by the Consortium for Longitudinal Studies (Hillsdale, N.J.: Erlbaum, 1983). For a summary of other research on early-childhood education, see 2. Harris Cooper, The Battle Over Homework . 2nd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2001, p. 16. 3. Kevin G. Volpp et al., #8220;Financial Incentive-Based Approaches for Weight Loss,#8221; Journal of the American Medical Association , 300 (December 10, 2008): 2631-37. For a review of other research on the (lack of long-term) effects of financial incentives on weight loss and the new program, smoking cessation, see That review also appears in reading makes, Alfie Kohn, Feel-Bad Education#8230;And Other Contrarian Essays on Children and Schooling (Boston: Beacon Press, 2011), pp. 199-204. 4. Harold F. The New School Writing Program? Rothe, #8220;Output Rates Among Welders: Productivity and Consistency Following Removal of a Financial Incentive System,#8221; Journal of Applied Psychology 54 (1970): 549-51. 5. Valerie A. Cool and in naukari, Timothy Z. Keith, #8220;Testing a Model of School Learning: Direct and Indirect Effects on Academic Achievement,#8221; Contemporary Educational Psychology 16 (1991): 28-44.

6. The original study: David Klahr and the new school mfa creative writing program, Milena Nigam, #8220;The Equivalence of Learning Paths in Early Science Instruction: Effects of Direct Instruction and Discovery Learning,#8221; Psychological Science 15 (2004): 661-67. The newer study: David Dean, Jr. and Deanna Kuhn, #8220;Direct Instruction vs. Discovery: The Long View,#8221; Science Education 91 (2007): 384-97.

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Dream House For Kids Essays and Research Papers. ?My dream is to live in mfa creative program, a big detached house surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees. I wouldn't like to live in an . apartment with blocks of flats and rude neighbors making noise in the middle of the night. Man Essay! My dream house should be located outside the city, on the new school program, the outskirts of town where I can find true peace and happiness. Therefore, my dream house should have the music research, characteristics that represent my spiritual world and personality with its location as well as its inner and outer design. Closet , English-language films , Feeling 1546 Words | 2 Pages. First of all I'd like to the new mfa creative writing program say that all of us have our own ideas and dreams about a perfect home, because home can't mean the same to . In Naukari! everybody. But I'm sure that for all people home is mfa creative writing not just a place to live in. Home is your little world where you live according to ib psychology paper your own rules and interests. Writing! It's a place where you feel comfort, warmth and reliability, that's why we say East or West, home is best and the English say My home is my castle. A Complete Man Essay! In my opinion home always awakens the best feelings.

Apartment , Building , House 1213 Words | 3 Pages. My Dream House House is a place where we can shelter and it gives us a protection from the new school program, rain, heat, storm etc. . Dissertation! Everyone has their own choice on program, what type of house they feel comfortable to live in, so do I. I enjoy living in a calm and reading a complete man essay open environment, so house built on small land (I'm not sure what you mean by 'small land' here) won't be my choice. I want a large open space surrounded by compound, where I can stroll, especially when I feel bored on at my job. I want a garden in school writing, front of my house. Apartment , English-language films , Feeling 2454 Words | 7 Pages. MY DREAM HOUSE I have a dream , you have a dream , she . has a dream , he has a dream , they have a dream , and we have a dream because everyone on this planet has their own dreams . But we have one dream in common. We insist to in naukari achieve that one dream yet we know we cannot. It is because we know only the selected people can have or those who tries their best to mfa creative writing program achieve their dreams . We are a dreamer, we dream big. We have been dreaming to music research paper be rich for years. Floor , Floors , Need 1231 Words | 3 Pages. My dream is to live in a big detached house surrounded by a big garden full of the new school writing program flowers and trees.

I wouldn't like to live in an . Music Research! apartment with blocks of flats and rude neighbourís making noise in mfa creative, the middle of the night. My dream house should be located outside the city, on the outskirts of town where I can find true peace and resume in naukari happiness. Therefore, my dream house should have the characteristics that represent my spiritual world and personality with its location as well as its inner and outer design. British Columbia Interior , English-language films , Feeling 905 Words | 3 Pages. ?THE HOUSE OF MY DREAMS Rosaliaís house If I had money Iíd buy the program, flat above mine and Iíd build a duplex . with a staircase in the living room. Upstairs there would be three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living-room and a balcony.

Downstairs there would be the kitchen, another living-room, another bedroom a bathroom and a study. I wouldnít move from my neighbourhood because of my mom. Music And Mathematics! She likes it and my friends live nearby. The New Mfa Creative Writing! Iíd live in a kind of terraced house and resume in naukari all the rooms must be very coloured. Apartment , Bedroom , City 1086 Words | 4 Pages. My dream house would have at least six bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, walk-in closets, a mixture of carpet and school mfa creative writing program hardwood floors, a huge . kitchen, living roon, family room, and fireplace. There will be a bathroom balcony in the master and guest bedrooms. My house would have an indoor swimming pool, with a hot tub. A bowling alley is a must. I think that the family would have soooooooo much fun with that! Also, I would have a theater because I LOVE to watch movies, especially with company.

I would also have. Apartment , Bedroom , House 1069 Words | 3 Pages. ?Abby La Belle My Dream House Ė As I approach the lot in which my dream house awaits, sitting on . an in naukari ocean shore. Mfa Creative! A simple two story home, painted a light blue with white shudders. A balcony, that wraps around the and mathematics paper, entire second floor of the program, house . Essay! The bedroomís on the second floor with white French doors that lead to mfa creative writing the balcony. I walk up the small, few wooden stairs that lead to roland the white wooden door. I turn the silver colored door-knob counter clockwise pushing the door open.

Walking into mfa creative writing the. Bedroom , Chair , Closet 1525 Words | 4 Pages. Duritz hides from his hurt and loneliness by working all the time, being thoughtless and insensitive to everyone he meets, and forgetting his feelings and . that he ever had them. But he can't escape his feelings. Profilng! Duritz meets a pudgy, unhappy little kid named Rusty (Spencer Breslin) who turns out to be none other than Duritz himself, circa 1968. At first, Duritz is embarrassed by his younger self. The New Mfa Creative Writing! He says, I look at him and all I see is reading a complete awful memories -- memories I've been spending most of my life.

Amy Tong , Dog , Marriage 891 Words | 3 Pages. DREAM HOUSE My dream house , what would it be what would it look like it, and most . important where will I build it. I like the countryside wide open areas, maybe farm lands with some animals. But I do like the city life with the nose, rude people, and heavy traffic on the high way. The New School Mfa Creative Writing Program! There is a complete man essay pros and cons to both environment, the countryside close to no air pollution, but less services you need to the new mfa creative writing travel more to access services. The pros and cons of the racial essays, city life more cultural opportunities. Bedroom , Kitchen , Room 1667 Words | 4 Pages. Jake Armstrong 12/2/12 Browne A Dream for You and a Dream for mfa creative program, Me In the world today, minimum wage rules millions of . peopleís lives and is most time the only source of income for many families. So how can someone achieve the American dream ; 2 kids , a big 2 story house , and 2 cars?

It is not a simple thing to achieve, but the thing people ignore is that it is always possible to paper attain. The American dream is not gone and can be achieved by anyone and school program is different for each person. Tutankhamun! People are. A Dream , Fast food , James Truslow Adams 1254 Words | 4 Pages. ?Running Head: COMMUNICATION VIA ďTHE KID Ē 1 Interpersonal Communication as lost . The New School Mfa Creative Program! from the paper, movie ďThe Kid Ē COMMUNICATION VIA ďTHE KID Ē 2 The interpersonal communication in the movie ďThe Kid Ē is the new unique in some aspects. Russ, the middle aged character, has an resume indifference to the new school writing program everyone he communicates with at the beginning of the movie. As the movie progresses, you can see how Russís interpersonal communication. Communication , Graphic communication , Interpersonal communication 809 Words | 3 Pages.

My Dream House Ever since I was a little girl, I knew what my dream house would look like. I want . Tutankhamun Essay! my house to be located on a beautiful spring fed lake. It will be where my family and the new school program I live and reading makes a complete would soon turn into a loving home. One of the most important details about a house is the the new program, location. Makes A Complete Man Essay! My house will be located where it is quiet and the new school mfa creative peaceful. I want it to be located on a small private lake, but about two hundred yards off the edge. If it would happen to rain a lot, I would want my. Chair , English-language films , House 679 Words | 2 Pages. ? Dream House . Research! Everyone has their own thoughts about their dream house . School Writing Program! These days homes are more affordable because of the economy and all the foreclosures makes it much easier to afford a really nice house . My dream house is not a fancy house that I could never afford; its a home I could see my wife and I having in the future.

I have seen many homes. Bedroom , Dream house , House 705 Words | 2 Pages. Dream Summaries Day Dreaming: When your imagination carries you away. Paper! Daydreaming is a classified level of consciousness between sleep and . wakefulness. False Awakening Dreams : You dream that you wake up and your day starts, but then you actually wake up. Lucid Dreaming: Where you realize you are dreaming during your dream , and then have the ability to control your dream and what happens inside of it.

Nightmares: A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes you to wake up feeling anxious and. Carl Jung , Daydream , Dream 877 Words | 3 Pages. Mercutio to the masquerade feast, provided that they are not Montagues. Benvolio persuades Romeo to go to the party to the new program get his mind off Rosaline. Profilng Essays! Romeo . The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! agrees, but only because he saw Rosalineís name on the list. Ib Psychology! Act I, Scene iii At the Capulet house , Lady Capulet tells the Nurse to school writing find Juliet. Paper! When Juliet enters the the new mfa creative, room, Lady Capulet tells the Nurse to leave so she can speak in privacy. Dissertation! She quickly thinks better and the new writing tells the Nurse to stay so she can help her.

The Nurse immediately reminisces. Characters in Romeo and Juliet , Mercutio , Romeo and Juliet 1170 Words | 4 Pages. be a ďFalling Dream Ē. Ironically, falling dreams usually occur when you are drifting off to sleep. Ib Psychology! However, they interpret a . different meaning. ďFallingĒ can mean that you feel you are losing your grip, or you are self-conscious, or simply have fears that need to be faced. Patricia Garfield, the author of the book Creative Dreaming, states, ďThereís some problem that is making you feel helpless Ė like you have no support.Ē So next time you wake up startled from a ďfalling dream Ē, ask yourself. Dream , Dreaming , False awakening 1077 Words | 3 Pages. ? Dream By: FY All our dreams can come true if we have the the new mfa creative writing, courage to roland wller pursue them. I believe every child is born a . dreamer, from the moment we enter this world our mind wanders off in every direction. The thoughts created in our mind unconsciously creates us, as humans who differ from one another. Writing! For I have dreamed on in naukari, and on, gone through thousands of dreams . Yet I realized that life is not unlimited, physically as well as our mentally we are not immortal and have a certain duration. Better , Dream , Future 934 Words | 3 Pages.

Dream House By William This is my sixth ďmy showĒ in lucky English center. The topic is my dream . house . About of it, I ask most of my friends a question Ė Ďwhat is your dream house like?í Their answers are surprisingly similar and interesting. There are two types of answers. The first is a beautiful seaside villa. The second, a big apartment is located in the new school writing program, the CBD. Earlier this year, I bought three sets of resume in naukari apartment in the center of program NANKAI district in Tianjin. I recently hired two professional. Apartment , Bedroom , English-language films 632 Words | 2 Pages. ? My Dream House Living in resume in naukari, a big, comfortable, high-tech and classy house is mfa creative program one of my dreams . My . dream house is something that is going to represent my personality. For me a house is really important in our life because we spend most of our time in the house and it have to make you feel comfortable.

I would prefer my house to be simple but classy in the same time, so I will probably use minimalist style and use a lot of glass to save more electricity. Resume In Naukari! I would prefer to build my dream house. Basement , Bedroom , Building 547 Words | 2 Pages. Elsa Salim Karam Mrs. Petrosky 2nd D April 3rd, 2012. Dreams : The Field of our Subconscious. The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! Have you ever tried to understand your . Racial Essays! dreams , reveal the writing program, hidden message your subconscious is trying to ib psychology make you see? Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of the new school writing sleep. ( Sigmund Freud, father of resume in naukari psychoanalysis, said that nothing occurs by chance. In fact, every action and thought is motivated by our subconscious.

Carl Jung , Dream , Dream interpretation 2147 Words | 5 Pages. what children are doing, they are always surrounded by advertisements. Whether it is watching television, Reading a book/magazine, or browsing the internet; . advertisements are everywhere. Eric Schlosser has a good point when he argues in his essay ď Kid KustomersĒ that more advertisements are being directed towards children each day. It is not only directed toward children, but influencing children to beg their parents for products they do not need or even want.

As in, the stuff they see on the new writing, television. Advertising , Burbank, California , Disney Channel 1468 Words | 4 Pages. My Dream Life Essay Due Date: Typed final drafts are due on _______________________ at profilng, the beginning of the period. Your graded final draft . will be placed in your portfolio. School Mfa Creative Writing! Organization of Paper: Title: Come up with a creative title Paragraph #1: Introduction. Use one of the ďhooksĒ from the six choices on racial profilng essays, side 2. Donít forget to let your reader know what your essay will be about (career, family, friends, relationships, house , and vehicle). Paragraph #2: Write about your dream job or.

Automobile , Dream , Henry David Thoreau 647 Words | 2 Pages. Simplicity is beauty. Thatís what people usually say about the new writing program many things. But for wller, me, simplicity is not enough when it comes about my dream . house . My dream house would still be simple, but in another manner. It wouldnít be simple that it will be made out of wood, but it would be simple in a way that it has simple designs, yet it would be still appealing in the eyes. My dream house would be situated in place that has a lake nearby. So that everyday will be refreshing by the breeze coming from those trees that. Basement , Bedroom , Drinking water 913 Words | 2 Pages. ? DREAM HOUSE By Avantika ďA house is made of the new mfa creative writing program bricks and beams, a home is built with love and . dreams Ē - Unknown. Both house and ib psychology home have the the new school mfa creative writing, same construction start base, what differentiates them is what you make them from, or how much effort you put into them.

Everyone have their dream house , picture perfect in their heads, and I do too. Some dreams are small but some are big. I've some big fancy ones for mine. If I were to choose how to renovate or built my own dream house within. Apple , Dream , English-language films 631 Words | 1 Pages. Dream House As I get closer and racial closer to the island the house that I have always dreamed about mfa creative program awaits me. . I can see it from a mile away. Racial Profilng Essays! Everyone has that house that they ,have always dreamed about. It is so massive, that it is the writing, most noticeable construction on tutankhamun, the island.

My own private plane lands on the landing strip located next to the house . As soon as I get off the the new school mfa creative writing, plane, I then begin my voyage down the tutankhamun essay, path that leads to my dream house . I am anxious to get to the house that I will. Basketball , College basketball , Dream house 779 Words | 2 Pages. diary of school a wimpy kid greg is going to middle school, his mom bought him a Diary witch has the word Diary right in the middle and is in . big letters. Music Research! he is scared to mfa creative bring it to school because he does not want some 8th grader to come see him with his bookdiary and think he is a sissy cause he has a diary in 6th grade and does not want to get punched and then get made fun of. gregs big dream and what he thinks he is going to be like in middle school is man essay this guy who so popular and EVERY-ONE. Friendship , Greg Heffley , High school 892 Words | 3 Pages. The Power of Dreams Aspiration is the fortitude that enables humanity to writing program overcome barriers and achieve the impossible.

However, the paper, process . by which you realize your dreams is consequential and may end in a nightmare. Achieving your aspirations and dreams in a selfish or negative manner will result in them turning into your or someone else`s nightmare. In F. Scott Fitzgerald`s The Great Gatsby, William Shakespeare`s Macbeth and Catherine Lim`s Paper, the characters Myrtle Wilson, Macbeth and Tay. Capital accumulation , Macbeth , Marriage 1538 Words | 4 Pages. Reach the American Dream When the American Dream is the new mfa creative writing program mentioned, images of essays a suburban neighborhood with a row of . The New School! houses with perfectly manicured lawns and white picket fences come to mind. Ib Psychology! This may have been true for many families in the new mfa creative writing, the 1950ís, but what about today? If you look around, not everyone is living this lifestyle of having a nice house , a good family, and enough money to spend on luxuries. The American Dream is different than what it used to be.

Today, the American Dream is much harder to. Academic degree , Bachelor of Science , Bachelor's degree 1630 Words | 4 Pages. ?My Dream Home Home, the essay, place one spends more time in their life and share special moments with family. Where one expects to live . permanently carefree, feel protected under the roof of their house . One day I want to have a home that makes me feel well and where I can be safe and happy. Mfa Creative! The purpose of this essay is to discuss and and mathematics research fine structural decisions I made about designing my dream house . The house of my dream has to be huge, spacious, which would reflect my personality toward innovations.

Aesthetics , Architectural styles , Architecture 840 Words | 2 Pages. The American Dream , a dream on which our country has been built on and continues to develop and bring new and new waves of . immigrants. It is a part of each American; this dream has been the program, light at the end of the tunnel for which our parents and ancestors were coming for. To find a life that was rewarded and makes a complete man essay built only on their will of hard working and efforts. The term ďAmerican Dream Ē is one of the triggers that lead to the new mfa creative writing program the shores of the USA many thousands of immigrants, it had a deep.

Achieved status , American Dream , Ascribed status 1196 Words | 3 Pages. Kids or No Kids Candance Bacco March 3, 2013 The title of my paper is called Kids or No Kids . . Roland Dissertation! Today married couples have a big decision on whether or not they want kids . I start out writing program, my paper by talking about how important this decision is and how it effects other people. Then I start to talk about all the pros of having kids . After that I point out all the cons of having children. Essay! The next part of the paper is all about the pros and cons of not having kids . As you will see there are a lot. Child , Debut albums , Form of the Good 1027 Words | 3 Pages. The American Dream , something once thought to be the American lifestyle that once achieved, oneís life may be considered perfect. It started . out simple, owning two cars, owning a large house in a suburban neighborhood, married with two children, and school program owning your own business. This may the American Dream after World War II has ended; however, because of the economic crisis, the increase of major corporations, and the cost of living; over tutankhamun, the years, reaching this goal has been a very difficult to achieve. Business , College tuition , Goldman Sachs 1286 Words | 4 Pages.

American Dream is a combination of both. Stereotypically, the American Dream is to school mfa creative writing program marry the perfect someone, move to a suburban . house with a white picketed fence, have kids that attend private school, both parents work and music and mathematics do not have to worry about financial issues. Although in the 1920ís the idea of the American Dream was exaggerated to match the glamour and luxury of the era also known as the Roaring Twenties. F. Scott Fitzgeraldís The Great Gatsby exposes and emphasizes the American Dream as a failure. F. Scott Fitzgerald , French Riviera , Ginevra King 959 Words | 3 Pages. ?American Dream Dreams of school becoming an absolute individual, living a carefree life, hoping for freedom, searching for unlimited . options, and living without judgment and discrimination all cross different individualís minds throughout their journey in tutankhamun, life. All are thought of and considered to be a part of each of their American Dreams . The American dream is a term used so broadly and often changes from person to person and the new school mfa creative writing within different ages. Essay! It can be used in numerous ways but essentially the.

American Dream , John F. Kennedy , Marilyn Monroe 1716 Words | 4 Pages. The American Dream Everyone! Come to America! You will have a life of happiness and the new school program riches! This what people usually consider the reading makes a complete, American . dream , having a good steady job, owning a house , and the new school mfa creative program making enough money for their family and themselves. Reading Makes! Just having a happy life for their family and themselves. The New! Many people consider the American Dream to still be alive and reading makes a complete man essay still present in the new school mfa creative, todayís society but many also believe that the tutankhamun essay, American Dream is nonexistent. In this essay I will be shedding light. 175 1099 Words | 3 Pages. Perspectives of the American Dream. Perspectives of the American Dream The virtuous trip of many comes in search of the mystical treasure known as the American . Dream . The New School! Thus this was the dream of Clement age forty-two and his family.

His family including him lived in the nation known as the Philippines. They moved because they couldnít afford to make a fair living in the Philippines. The American dream was the reason there family became successful, including his father who became the president of a company with no formal education. Barack Obama , Education , James Truslow Adams 1094 Words | 3 Pages. Dreams Amrit Sekhon December 7th, 2012 Sheridan College Abstract This essay will pose an essay analysis on why people dream . The New Writing! . According to the three theories dreams occur to resume protect ones sleep. Dreams occur naturally and it is a universal experience which everyone experiences during their sleep.

The search ultimately leads to the conclusion that there is definitely a clear link between the process of random firing neurons, experiences, fears and school mfa creative the external and internal stimuli in the body. . Carl Jung , Dream , Psychoanalysis 884 Words | 3 Pages. American Dreams Essay #2 The definition of the and mathematics research, ďAmerican Dream Ē is obtaining a beautiful house with a white . picket fence; kids are playing in the freshly cut green lawn with your yellow lab dog, you holding your young wife while having a new Chevrolet pickup truck and a Lund boat sitting in the new school mfa creative writing program, the driveway. Itís coming home from reading makes man essay, a long day of work for your kids to come jumping into your arms full excitement while you smile and kiss your spouse. As for many people vision these scenes from things. Academy Award for Best Original Song , American Dream , Benjamin Franklin 1381 Words | 4 Pages. American Dream : The Idea that Pervades Society The American dream is the longing of success that means a happy family and equal . opportunity to go from rags to riches, through hard work. The New School Writing Program! This idea is a complete man essay scene in a lot of places. On the picture by Margaret White, the poster proclaims: Worldís Highest Standard of Living-There is no way like the writing program, American WayĒ. Or the headline of the newspaper story is ďThe American Dream , the subtitle is Doing Well by resume in naukari Doing Good.Ē Examples of the the new mfa creative writing, American dream are almost. American culture , Average Joe , F. Paper! Scott Fitzgerald 1301 Words | 4 Pages. Ruoqi Xu Psychology Professor Dude 11/22/12 Dream and Its Meaning Dream can be happy, delightful, absurd or even . fearful.

Dream is what we experience when we sleep; it ďinvolves an integration of perceptual, emotional, motivational, and cognitive processes performed by school mfa creative writing various brain modulesĒ (Passer and essay Ronald193). However, the content of the dream and the reason why we dream specific content still remain a mystery till today. Although many scientists have been attempting to find the mfa creative writing program, answers. Carl Jung , Consciousness , Dream 2547 Words | 7 Pages. So Dreamy The ďAmerican Dream Ē lured millions of immigrants from all corners of the world to the United States with promises of fortune and . happiness far beyond anything attainable in their home lands. The definition of the American Dream has a vast array of answers and over the years the definition has surly changed. Racial! However, whether they dream of material gain, career success, or just a new sense of joy, everything leads back to this big idea of the school mfa creative writing program, American Dream . Wller Dissertation! Unfortunately, while chasing. American culture , Australian Dream , Dream 1269 Words | 4 Pages. topics. An interesting area of the new writing program psych is psych of tutankhamun dreams . Why we dream is mfa creative still one of the behavioral sciences' greatest . unanswered questions. Dreams are the touchstones of our character. - Henry David Thoreau Researchers have offered many theoriesómemory consolidation, emotional regulation, threat simulationóbut a unified one is yet to be proposed.

A dream can include any of the images, thoughts and emotions that are experienced during sleep. Dreams can be extraordinarily vivid or very vague; filled. Dream , Emotion , Mind 758 Words | 3 Pages. many other countries share. A Complete Man Essay! People from across the the new, nation have proven through their own experiences that the American Dream can be achieved. . The American Dream is resume reaching what we dreamed of accomplishing our entire life and more. It is school program having an enormous dream house , having the newest car, having a huge, happy family, and having the career we have dreamed of since we were a kid . Barack Obama, for racial profilng, example, is Americaís first African American president, and Sonia Maria Sotomayor, is the new mfa creative Americaís first.

African American , Barack Obama , Democratic Party 1840 Words | 5 Pages. According to Merriam Webster's dictionary, a dream is a succession of images, thoughts, sounds, or emotions which pass through the mind during . sleep. Makes Man Essay! Although different for everyone, dreaming is inevitable, and the new mfa creative therefore has become inseparable from human nature. Consequently, this concept has been a boundless object of fascination and mystery since the beginning of time. For this paper specifically, I will focus on separating reality from paper, false perception so that self-knowledge may be understood. Cognition , Mind , Perception 1664 Words | 5 Pages. As I draw near to the new school writing the island on wller dissertation, which my dream house awaits, I catch a quick glance of it out of the corner of the new mfa creative writing program my eye.

It is . humongous, and is the most noticeable building in the area. My private steel, elegant jet lands on the octagonal air strip next to racial profilng the house . I get out the new, of the man essay, jet the wind was whistling and blowing my hair back as I started my journey through a heavily wooded path leading to my dream house . I walk with anxiety toward the house at which I will spend the rest of my life. All. Bathroom , Bathtub , Bedroom 1832 Words | 4 Pages. American Dream The American dream is something that is relevant in school writing program, everyoneís life. People strive to obtain this . dream throughout their entire life. However, the American dream can be different for wller, each person depending on what they value and feel is important to school mfa creative writing them.

In the ib psychology, book Walden by Henry David Thoreau he feels that everyone should live as simple as possible because life is more about writing program finding your inner self rather than material possessions. Contrasting Thoreauís American dream in the book. F. Scott Fitzgerald , Henry David Thoreau , Jay Gatsby 1261 Words | 4 Pages. Dreams In the tutankhamun, Greek and the new writing Roman eras, dreams were seen in a religious context. Makes! They were believed to be direct messages from the . gods or from the dead. The people of that time look to their dreams for solutions on what to do or what course of program action to take. Essays! They believed dreams forewarned and predicted the future. Greek philosopher, Aristotle, believed that dreams were a result of physiological functions. Dreams were able to diagnose illness and predict onset of disease. During the the new mfa creative program, Middle Ages.

Dream , Dreaming , Psychology 1571 Words | 5 Pages. Way back in preschool, drawing our dream house was a very typical activity. Ib Psychology Paper! Since we were small back then, we usually draw a . square for the body of the house then a triangle for a roof. After that, we add the windows and door then place a few plants, trees and a pathway on the new program, the front. But things change.

What we used to prefer when we were little will not be the same things we prefer now. The dream house that I used to draw when I was little was way different than what I want now. Iíve always thought. Apartment , Bedroom , Futon 575 Words | 2 Pages. Night of December 6, 2012 Dream -Zombie Last night I had a dream there was a zombie apocalypse. My mother had the cure in her . blood. My dad sent my mom through this capsule that sent her somewhere safe. I had to stay behind with my brother.

Dream Interpretation Iíve been keeping a lot to myself lately and havenít really felt like socializing much. I have also been getting annoyed easily lately, especially by ib psychology paper my mom. The New Mfa Creative! Zombies mean that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people. Doughnut , Dream , Dunkin' Donuts 1315 Words | 5 Pages. American Dream The American Dream is ďthe ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to . every American.Ē (Dictionary).

When immigrants started coming to America everyone had different ideas about the resume in naukari, ďAmerican dream Ē. Everyone believed it was possible to achieve, and had no doubts about being successful, owning a home, or being happy. These daysí people question whether or not the the new school writing, American dream is wller dissertation still around, and the new if America even provides access to the dream . America. Christianity , College , Free education 1185 Words | 3 Pages. Becca Leach WSC 001 Dr. Pasupathi 12/19/12 The American Dream My grandfather came to America from Italy with nothing but the . Music And Mathematics! clothes on the new school mfa creative writing program, his back. He did not speak a word of English and left his family back in Naples. Three years later, my grandfather had a stable enough job to send for his wife and resume in naukari son to join him in America. He truly lived the the new school writing, American dream . An immigrant hoping for a new life was able to become successful and raise a family. This ďCinderella StoryĒ, however, did not. Bourgeoisie , Distribution of reading a complete wealth , Economic inequality 1776 Words | 5 Pages. The Limit to Dreams There are some people that say children do not know any better when they do something wrong.

Does this still count for an . adult that doesnít know any better? Lennie from the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck fits that description exactly. Lennie is the new school just like a child because he dreams big but is not able to take care of himself. Lennie and racial profilng his dreams are both very big but that is mfa creative what makes him very childish. Everyone has dreams . Essay! However, once people start to grow up. Dream , John Steinbeck , Martin Scorsese 1016 Words | 3 Pages. Billy the the new school, Kid New Mexico has had many well-known legends throughout its history. Billy the Kid was arguably one of most . famous legends that New Mexico has ever had.

Also known as William H. Bonney, Billy the wller, Kid became a prominent and feared outlaw due to his violent nature. His life is still a heated topic throughout America, due to his unnatural cruelness and pain. His disturbing acts of cruelty caused many tragedies captured many lives, including his own, making his life one to remember. Alexander McSween , Billy the Kid , Boy 2295 Words | 6 Pages. Mango Street and the Struggles to Achive the American Dream. What is the american dream ? Many people will answer that question by saying being successful in america. Others would say that having a nice . house in a good neighboorhood, a good marriage, two kids and a golden retreiver is the american dream . Unlike these beliefs of what the mfa creative program, american dream is for many latinos that come to this country the american dream is simply one word, survival. For esperanza her american dream is to get out of mango street. Something that she wishes for roland wller dissertation, and is certain that. California , Debut albums , English-language films 1041 Words | 3 Pages.

Personal Narrative: Struggle for the American Dream-My Saturday Night My Saturday NightWhen I grow up, I want to have a big, big house with stairs and lots of kinds, and a big, big room, and, and the new school As a child, I . believe that was my biggest dream and goal in life. To be, as the saying says, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen was what I wanted out of paper life. School! Living the perfect lifeóThe American Dream . I remember Saturdays with my family. During the day, my mom and I would head out to in naukari the mall to the new school mfa creative program go shopping, and make that one phone call home at profilng, about five in the afternoon.

Dining room , Family , Family room 891 Words | 3 Pages. educational sector got to an unbearable stage, God directed Pastor Adeboye to start a movement. Mfa Creative! The dream was unveiled long ago when there . probably was no room for the debate of tutankhamun essay private universities. The New School Program! When Ghana was in deep disarray, when the entire nation was in an economic catastrophe, and it seemed like the government didnít care about how to fix the crises, Jerry Rowling had a dream , and pursued the dream with the breath of the roland wller, gun. When Indiaís domestic tranquility and future was threatened by the. Abuja , Africa , International Monetary Fund 2473 Words | 6 Pages. The Paradox of the California Dream. author Napoleon Hill puts it so wisely: many more people dream and the new school writing program try to become rich and successful than the small percentage that actually . Racial Essays! accomplish that goal. In the article ďCalifornia: A place, A People, A Dream ,Ē James Rawls argues that the California dream consists of five main factors.

These factors are Health, Romance, Opportunity and Success, Warmth and Sunshine, and the new mfa creative Freedom. People come from a complete, all over the world to school writing program live this dream , which sometimes turns into a nightmare instead. Based on. American middle class , California Gold Rush , Household income in resume in naukari, the United States 1383 Words | 4 Pages. ?What is the American dream ? The concept of the American dream is something that is school mfa creative writing explored and explained to us throughout our . childhood all the way to adulthood. It is a concept taught to us in order to show us the racial essays, value of the new mfa creative program hard work. It is a concept that is supposed to instill the ideal that in order to be successful, we have to make sacrifices and that achieving this dream is not an easy task. Music And Mathematics Paper! To be able to delve further into the new school mfa creative writing the depths of dissertation what the American dream is we have to answer three. A Great Way to Care , Concept , Developed country 1089 Words | 3 Pages.

My Dreams Essay Essay By: katierashell True Confessions This was my ' Dreams Essay' for my 10th grade english class. View . table of the new mfa creative writing program contents. Roland Wller! Submitted: Feb 17, 2011 Reads: 12912 Comments: 4 Likes: 0 Dreams EssayďWe are the the new program, music makers,And we are the dreamer of dreams ,Wandering by resume in naukari lone sea-breakers,And sitting by desolate streams,On whom the pale moon gleams,Yet we are the movers and program shakers,Of the world forever, it seems.Ē-Ode, by Arthur William Edgar OíShaughnessy (First stanza)A. Dream , Everything That Happens Will Happen Today , Family 1052 Words | 3 Pages.

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How to Write a Great Essay for Different A-Level Subjects. In previous articles, weíve given you lots of advice on how to write the perfect essay. However, the skills weíve discussed up to school mfa creative writing now have been generic, and have not taken into account the fact that different subjects require different skills when it comes to writing excellent essays for roland wller, them. In this article, we look at the particular skills needed to write great essays for individual A-level subjects, so that you can familiarise yourself with what you need to school mfa creative do to excel in whatever A-levels you happen to be studying. The tempestuous landscape in which Wuthering Heights is set is reflected in man essay, the mood of the text. Good English literature essays revolve around intelligent interpretation.

The problem many students have with this is writing program organising their interpretations into a tightly structured essay that flows well; many simply let their ideas run wild and flit aimlessly between one point and the next. Makes Man Essay! To combat this problem, you need to consider the writerís overall aims and then show how they have conveyed those aims, paragraph by paragraph, with each paragraph devoted to the new school mfa creative a particular technique or focus. A good structure to use is as follows: Point Ė make a statement, such as ďBronte uses the bleakness of the moorland setting to reflect Heathcliffís temperament.Ē Explanation Ė elaborate on the statement in more detail. In this example, your explanation would involve explaining the parallels between Heathcliff and the moors Ė their unpredictability and wildness, for instance, and the violence of the weather mirroring Heathcliffís violent personality. Evidence Ė now provide quotes from the text to back up what you mean. Wller! In the Heathcliff example, you could quote specific words and school mfa creative writing program, phrases that show similarities in wller dissertation, the way Heathcliff is described and the way in which the moorland landscape and weather are described. Reiterate Ė close off the paragraph by reiterating the point, and perhaps developing it a little further or introducing the idea youíre going to carry into mfa creative writing program, the next paragraph. For example, ďThis ties in with a wider theme running through the book as a whole, which is resume that nature parallels human emotions.Ē

Good English essays pay close attention to detail, noting specific words, phrases and literary devices a writer has used, and to school mfa creative what effect. They quote liberally from the text in order to support each point, deconstructing the writing and analysing the use of language; they look at different interpretations, seeing beyond the surface and in naukari, picking up on possible deeper meanings and connotations. The New Mfa Creative Writing Program! But they also consider the meaning of the piece as a whole, and the overall effect created by the specific details noted. All this should be considered within the essay, framework of the genre and context of the the new, piece of writing. For instance, a poem by racial essays William Wordsworth would be considered within the context of the mfa creative writing, Romantic poets, and might be compared with work by music and mathematics research contemporary poets such as Shelley or Keats; the mfa creative, historical background might also be touched upon racial, where relevant (such as the Industrial Revolution when discussing the the new school mfa creative program, poetry of William Blake). This painting by Hermann Wislicenus of Martin Luther at the Diet of dissertation Worms was painted more than 350 years after the events it depicts. Though itís also a humanities subject, History requires its own very particular set of skills that differ to an appreciable degree from those expected of you in English. Mfa Creative Writing! A history essay is unequivocal about its writerís opinion, but this opinion must be based on a solid analysis of evidence that very often canít be taken as fact. Evidence must be discussed in terms of reading makes its reliability, or lack thereof. The good historian considers what biases may be inherent in a source, what vested interest the source might have, and what viewpoint that source was written from. For instance, you might analyse a source by discussing whether or not the person was present at school writing, the events they are describing; how long after the events they were writing (and therefore whether they are remembering it accurately if they were there, or whether they are getting their information second or third hand from someone else; and if so, how reliable the original source is); whether they are trying to show evidence to support a particular political view; and so on.

So, each time you make a point, back it up with evidence, and consider the strengths and resume in naukari, weaknesses of that evidence. A good history essay makes connections between whatís been written about, considering how issues interrelate, so think about how what youíre writing about ties in with other things; what was the impact of the event youíre discussing, did it happen in mfa creative, isolation, and what were the events that led to it? The term proletariat, derived from Roman law, is used in Marxist theory to mean the social class that does not have ownership of the means of production and can only sell their labour. Itís vital to look at both sides of the argument Ė or, where many possible viewpoints exist, to acknowledge these nuances. Itís fine to contradict yourself, provided you do so consciously; that is, you can build up an argument and then turn it on its head, observing that you are doing so (for example, ďSo far, so compelling; but what about the less well-known evidence from roland wller dissertation, such and such?Ē). You can use quotes from historians youíve read, but use these in the context of discussing scholarly opinion. Donít quote a historianís words as evidence of something, because this is only someoneís opinion Ė itís not proof. Finally, where possible, use specialist terms to show that you know your stuff (ďproletariatĒ instead of ďworkersĒ, for example). The primary task that lies ahead of school mfa creative writing program you in writing a French essay is, of in naukari course, to demonstrate your superior language skills.

Keep the school writing program, content itself very even-handed, sitting on the fence rather than presenting a forceful opinion that could distract attention away from the quality of tutankhamun essay your use of French. Focus on school mfa creative program, using as wide a variety of vocabulary and tenses as you can. It will help your essay if you can learn how to say more sophisticated phrases in French, of the sort you would use if you were writing an essay in English. This useful document from tutankhamun essay,, Writing Essays in French, will give you numerous useful French phrases to help you put together an impressive essay, including the vocabulary you need to present a balanced argument. Case studies are crucial in Geography essays. Geography is a subject that crosses the divide between the sciences and the humanities, considering both physical processes and human activities (and their effects on the world around us). Essays for Geography may differ depending on which of these focuses the essay is discussing, and the evidence you might include in your essay could vary from phenomena observed and data gathered in the natural world to the results of population censuses. To write a good Geography essay, youíll need to include both theory and detailed, real-world case studies to support your answer. The New School Mfa Creative Program! Mention specific places by name, and communicate the facts accurately.

Your teacher will be assessing not just your knowledge, but your ability to ib psychology paper support what you say with relevant information that proves it. You shouldnít just rattle off everything you know about school mfa creative writing a particular case study; you should deploy relevant facts from the case study to support a specific point youíre trying to tutankhamun essay make. The New Mfa Creative! Keep linking each point back to the question, so that youíre always working towards answering it; this also helps you ensure that everything you include is paper actually relevant to the question. Showing that youíve thought about an school writing issue from multiple perspectives, and that you appreciate how they interrelate, is important in Geography. Paper! You can do this by organising the content of your essay into school mfa creative writing, categories, considering different factors in essay, turn, such as the scale of the issue, and the timeframe and environment involved. Discuss the various factors involved logically, one by one, such as the environmental impact of climate change or a natural disaster (such as a tsunami or volcanic eruption), followed by its physical, economic, social and political implications. The New Writing Program! Acknowledging the tutankhamun, numerous nuances of the situation will demonstrate your appreciation of the new program its complexity and show that you are thinking at a high level. You can study art and sculpture to learn more about the research, civilisations that produced them. As the study of the ancient world (primarily ancient Rome and Greece), Classical Civilisations combines archaeology and history, looking both at what survives materially (from small finds, to art and sculpture, to temples) and what survives in the way of texts by ancient authors. A good essay for this subject analyses, evaluates and interprets.

The historical elements of the writing, subject will require the same set of skills we discussed for History earlier, while the archaeological components of this subject require slightly different skills. With your archaeologist hat on, your job becomes similar to tutankhamun that of a detective, piecing together clues. The New Writing Program! Archaeology crosses over into science, and with that comes scientific considerations such as how archaeological evidence has been gathered Ė the reading makes a complete man essay, methods used, their reliability, whether or not they could have been tampered with, how accurately they were recorded, and so on. Youíll look at a variety of different types of evidence, too, from the finds themselves to maps of the local topography. As with Geography, for which youíre required to learn lots of detailed case studies and names, youíll need to learn plenty of examples of sites and finds to use as sources of evidence in building up a picture of the school program, ancient world. And, as with any subject, looking at both sides of any argument is crucial to good grades. If the evidence youíre discussing could show one thing, but it could also show another, donít just present one possibility Ė show that youíve thought in depth about it and consider all the possible interpretations.

It would not be appropriate to mention how fantastic you think the roland wller, Hubble Space Telescope is. The sciences Ė Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Ė are generally less essay-focused, so weíre grouping them together here because the the new school program, essay skills required for each of these subjects are very similar. Resume In Naukari! While the fundamentals of the new school writing program scientific essay writing are the tutankhamun essay, same as any other subject Ė having a logical structure, well-developed argument, and so on Ė there are a few subject-specific considerations to bear in mind, and some common pitfalls to watch out for. The first is mfa creative program that there is no room for opinion in a scientific essay; unless youíre specifically asked for it, leave your own thoughts out of it and wller dissertation, focus instead on a completely objective discussion of the program, evidence gathered through scientific research, which will most probably be quantitative data. Avoid vague language such as ďit is thought thatÖĒ; be as precise as possible. Start with a hypothesis, and then discuss the research that supports or disproves it. Roland Wller Dissertation! Back up every statement you make with solid data; itís not enough simply to drop in the name of the the new school, research, so briefly describe what the findings were and why they prove the statement youíve just made.

Another mistake many students make is to confuse cause and effect; this arises because of the tendency to racial assume that correlation implies causation, which is a common logical fallacy. Just because two things appear to mfa creative program be related, it doesnít mean that one caused the other, and resume, committing this error in an essay is a major faux pas that will lose you marks. Itís also a good idea to ensure that youíve included every piece of research that could be relevant; if you donít, you could be leaving out a crucial piece of evidence. Finally, mention any limitations there may have been with the methodology used to gather the data you discuss. Psychology, though a science subject, has some overlap with the humanities Ė some Psychology degrees are BAs rather than BScs.

Psychology essays are best approached with a scientific mindset, but itís far more difficult to prove anything in the new mfa creative program, this subject Ė and racial profilng, this should be acknowledged in your essay. The New School Writing Program! The task becomes one of assessing which theory is the more probable one, based on a complete, an analysis of the data from various studies. Make liberal reference to named and mfa creative writing, dated psychological experiments and research, but acknowledge the fact that there may be more than one theory that could account for and mathematics research paper, the same set of results. When these experiments are quoted as evidence, this should be done with reference to any possible limitations of how the experiment was conducted (such as a small sample size). If youíve reached the writing program, end of this article, youíre now equipped with the knowledge to write fantastic essays guaranteed to impress your teachers. Youíre also well on wller dissertation, the way to thinking in the right way for university-level essays, so keep working on these skills now and youíll find it much easier to make the leap from the new school mfa creative, sixth former to undergraduate. 3 Responses to ďHow to Write a Great Essay for Different A-Level SubjectsĒ

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